Paranormal Activity Spooking The Box Office

Paranormal Activity. Photo: Paramount Pictures
Paranormal Activity. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Paranormal Activity. Photo: Paramount Pictures

When a movie doesn't debut at number 1, nowadays, it just will not hit number 1. Not true with Paranormal Activity which debuted at #3 at the box office, but is now #1, beating out saw VI.

The movie was made for 22,000 and bought for 300,000 and has now brought in 67 million since the movie opened 5 weeks ago. Paramount has spent about 10 million promoting the movie so they are getting a lot of money back in the red.

Someone posted on facebook after seeign the movie, they will never sleep the same way again.  Hmm. Are you going to see Paranormal Activity? Have you seen it?-Dr.FB

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  1. @Dreamer
    Blair Witch was good! I couldn’t sleep for weeks without the lights on (back in the day when I was wild andl single)

  2. Feels like another film student low budget flop which will rake in millions simply because of the word of mouth and marketing…can you say..BLAIR WITCH PROJECT…..which btw…I asked for my money back after the movie was over….I kept waiting for it to get better…lol

  3. I definitely want to see this. I love stories about underdog low budget movies becoming big. The Blair Witch was great – wish I made that one, so very clever in story and form. Too bad we haven’t heard much from the makers lately.

  4. I’m thinking it’s another Blair Witch project, so most likley I’ll skip it. If it’s not based on real life events that actually occured and is documented, it won’t be scary to me.

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