Video~ Kris Allen “Live Like We’re Dying”

Here it is. The debut video of Kris Allen "Live Like We're Dying" and it is hot! It seems like (and it is true) we have been hearing more about the runner-up of American Idol more than the person who actually won the contest in the first place.

Hopefully this means we will be seeing more of Kris Allen here and everywhere.

Do you guys like the video?-Dr.FB

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  1. Kris seems such a likable guy. Can’t understand why his first release should be a cover, which will probably invite unwelcome comparisons to the original, rather than new material which establishes him as an artist. I’m not that excited about the song and hope the remaining material is stronger.

  2. It’s better than I thought it would be. It’s a cool song and I enjoyed it.

  3. DOC! Where you been?!
    I saw this 2 days ago!..Kris looks and sounds really good. The album is tasty too 😉 Hope he gets the attention he deserves, he’s cutie coolums

  4. It’s ok..it seems like the song was written for the movie 2012……I like Kris…don’t get me wrong… but Adam should have won….Kris needs to find his niche..the song just doesn’t seem to have any range to it at all……

    It’s like Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson….Mariah hands down has more range in her voice….but Janet is still a powerhouse….It’s the same thing with Kris and Adam….Adam has more range…but Kris could still be a powerhouse….

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