Carmen Electra Lesbian Make Out Footage Leaks

OK, so was this "accidentally" leaked or what?  I don't know if this tape is recent or old but aside from Carmen Electra doing a burlesque show, I haven't really heard of her doing anything recently. 

The tape is sad....but at the same time.....kind of hot.  Hot in the sense that Carmen's body is still banging and she can still move.  The whole grabbing for the guys junk....not so hot. 

You know, it's easier to like things like this when you don't exactly like the person. I like Carmen so I am conflicted and I thought she was better than this.  What do you think of the video?-Dr.FB

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  3. who is the lucky dude? holy crap

  4. Wow!Rather disappointing!I would expect something more elaborate and enticing from her other than this poor use & waste of tape!So I suppose the next step will be for her to be in Porn or at least that seems to be the logical next step for her.Too bad. :(

  5. This was not purposely leaked…

  6. Man, I wish I was at that party! Whose the lucky guy? At the end of the clip, she was straddling him on the bed.

  7. the video = probably leaked on purpose – but i dont think more or less of her because of it! Anyone can do whatever they please with whomever they please & tape it if they so want 2…
    It didnt offend me or turned me on…. The thing that bothered me most is that she wasnt wearing a matchin’ set of undies !! I mean really a woman like Carmen surely owns a red bra with matchin red knickers LOL

  8. Carmen is still hot as hell!! lol I cant wait to see this girl gone wild!! lol

  9. Leaked on purpose, I would say. The woman probably needs work, business is slow or something , et voila … une video soft-porn!

  10. Not surprised.

  11. If you are going to make a sex tape, at least TRY and make it sexy.

  12. She’s still a skank who wears too much make up. She may have a hot body but she needs to stop spreading those nasty germs of hers.

    With love,

  13. I think she’s desperate for any kind of attention. That is NOT the way to do it. Disappointing.

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