Sofia Vergara Makes Rape Joke

Sofia Vergara made a joke about being raped and no one reacted on the set aside from Whoopi Goldberg.

Is there falllout over the rape comment made by the Modern Family and what do you think of it?-Dr.FB

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  1. Straight up, she is latina, & in the latin world, & in the context in which it was made, her comment is not viewed as horrifically as it is here in the USA. Just like when the olympic athletes from Spain stretched their eyes 2 look asian when posing 4 photographs, here in the St8s, many reacted with shock, but most of the spanish speaking world saw no harm with their actions & understood that they (the athletes) meant no disrespect. 2 days ago, my mother told my wife & eye (eye was born in Mexico, my wife in the Dominican Republic) a joke about an old woman wanting desper8ly 2 b raped; we cracked up. Inappropri8, (like most adult themed comedy) yes, meanspirited or malicious, far from.

  2. she is not at all well.. honestly

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