Robin Thicke Set To Co-Host & Perform On “The View” Friday

Robin Thicke, Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Robin Thicke will be performing and co-hosting "The View This Friday. The "Blurred Lines" singer should be singing something from the new album on Friday. Unless everyone just wants to hear "Blurred Lines" again.

We wonder if the ladies of "The View" will bring up what some consider to be the rape-like lyrics to "Blurred Lines" and let Robin address the situation or talk about lighter stuff? Hmm.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The song of the summer...are you tired of it yet?


Sherri Shepherd Wants Prince To Crash Her Wedding Like Bieber


Sherri Shepherd took to "The View" today to talk about her wedding.  As the ladies of "The View" were talking about how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez crashed a wedding over the weekend. They heard Justin's music playing and they went to the wedding reception and Justin decided to sing at the wedding.  Sherri, who is getting married mid-August, put it out there that she hoped Prince crashes her wedding. 

Hmm.  We did hear of Prince performing at the wedding for one of his female singers, Shelby J., earlier this year.  Would Prince crash Sherri's wedding?  We believe he has tour dates until mid-August.  Could he or would he do it?

We do not have video of today's "The View" yet but here is video footage above of Prince on "The View" last December talking about his "Welcome 2 America" tour and his shows at Madison Square Garden.  She looks at Prince like she is about to lose her shiz a few times before she makes the "I wanted to make love to you my entire life comment." 

Sherri put it out there, jokingly, but  let's see what happens.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Will Prince Do Bar-Mitzvah's 2?


VIDEO: Prince Surprises The Ladies of “The View”

Prince appeared on Thursday's episode of the View. Click to watch the video.

Prince appeared on Thursday's episode of the View. Click to watch the video.

Prince dropped in on the ladies of the television show "The View" this morning. As he entered the stage, he presented each with a pair of tickets to his upcoming December 18 concert at NYC's Madison Square Garden. Lucky ladies - it's sold out!

>> Click here to watch the video <<

View host Sherri Shepherd looked like she was about to faint when Prince's chair was placed beside hers. She asked Prince to say into the mic "Sherri I love you" (he obliged) and then like a crazed fan, asked if she could keep his gloves (he again obliged). But when she told Prince she has always wanted to sleep with him, he made a quick, humorous exit.

Prince's string of concerts in NY start next week with shows at the IZOD Center in New Jersey on December 15 and 17th (tickets still available!), and Madison Square Garden on the 18th (sold out). He also recently announced an additional show at MSG on January 18th - tickets go on presale today (password: tribute) or tomorrow to the general public. You don't want to miss this!

Where else will Prince pop up in NYC while he's there? We can't wait to find out. - Dr.FB


Obama’s View Appearance Breaks Record!

President Barack Obama's appearance on "The View" broke ratings records for the show, pulling in 6.6 million viewers.

Despite his critics not digging him being on it, it was still well watched.

He gets called the "Celebrity President" but does he deserve that name?

What did you think of his appearance on the show and should he have been on it?-Dr.FB


Larry King Exits; Who Will Enter?

Larry King. File Photo
Larry King. File Photo

Larry King. File Photo

Larry King announced via Twitter he is leaving "Larry King Live" after 25 years on CNN. 

He did the announcement on Twitter by first saying "It's time to hang up my nightly suspenders."  King's ratings have been low but then again, everything on CNN has been low-rated.  His contract was up this fall and it was rumored it would not be renewed. 

King is taking the high road by saying it is his decision and nothing else influenced his decision.  King has told he wants Ryan Seacrest to be his replacement.

From what we hear, Seacreast and "The Views" Joy Behr are in the lead for the job.  CNN says they will need 2-4 weeks to make a decision on a replacement.

Keep Piers Morgan in mind.  For those that don't know who he is, do a search.

25 years at one job.  Larry King is only 76 years old?  I thought he was in his 80's easily.  What do you think?  Was it time for King to retire?-Dr.FB


David Beckham Kicks It On Good Morning America

David Beckham. Photo: INFdaily.com
David Beckham. Photo: INFdaily.com

David Beckham. Photo: INFdaily.com

David Beckham, foot cast and all, stopped by "Good Morning America" today and stopped by "The View" as well.   Wonder who won't flirt with him on that set.

Since he cannot play Soccer due to his injury where he tore his achilles, Beckham will be a coaching assistant for the England team. 

Beckham still plans on playing again although he is still due for another 8-10 months of rehabbing the injury.-Dr.FB


Justin Bieber Flirts With Barbara Walters

Pop star Justin Bieber was on The View this morning where he performed "Never Let You Go" and sat down with the ladies for an interview.

During the interview, Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked Justin what kind of girls he's into. He replied that he liked people "like Barbara Walters" which got a lot of giggling from the ladies and prompted a hilariously dry response from Whoopi (who looked totally bored through the whole segment).

"He looks like a fascinating person to me," Whoopi deadpanned in reference to Barbara's Fascinating People tv specials. Oh Whoopi, we do love you.

Justin also talked about how he deals with the rush of fame and life on the road with his Mom and Grandmother. G'damn, the boy is young!

Justin will appear on The View again tomorrow, performing his new single “Baby” off his forthcoming album "My World 2.0". Check out today's performance below. -Dr.FB


Robert Pattinson Gets Set For The View

Robert Pattinson.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Robert Pattinson. Photo: GettyImages.com

Robert Pattinson will be a guest on "The View" March 2nd to promote "Remember Me," Robert's new movie and I believe the first since the Twilight craze.

Will he succeed above the Twilight phenomenon or will he fall by the wayside?  What do you think?-Dr.FB


Tiger Beat: Lions, Tigers, & Hookers? Oh My!

Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren. File Photo
Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren. File Photo

Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren. File Photo

Since there is so much Tiger Woods info coming out each day and it is hard for people to get all of the news, what we are going to start doing is giving you daily updates about twice a day with Tiger so you can get the info you want.

A Madam is saying 2 of Tiger Wood's mistresses were escorts. The 2 in question are the adult film stars that Tiger hooked up with, Jamie Jungers and Holly Joy Sampson.  Interestingly enough, they have record of them being with Tiger Woods but no record of Tiger paying for their services. Both women are denying they were ever escorts or paid for sex.

Rachel Uchitel is thinking of persuing legal action on the show "The View" after Joy Behr called Rachel a hooker.  Rachel was the first woman to be linked to Tiger Woods as what we are calling mistress #1.

Nude photos of Tiger Woods were about to appear but Tiger's lawyers slapped a lawsuit on a London company that were going to put the photos out there.  Tiger's lawyers said there are no photos out there like that but at the same time, put a block on it.  So for any of you who were hoping to see Tiger's "Wood",  too bad.-Dr.FB