Lenny Kravitz In The Bahamas

Lenny Kravitz is chilling in the Bahamas and will be there for the next 3 months as he finishes his CD Negrophilia we told you about first a few months back.

Hey Lenny! Would you like some fish with your salt?

Enjoy the video provided by Mathieu Bitton/candytangerine.com. -Dr.FB

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  1. tupac is better then biggie wtf are u doing??? tupac is number one always

  2. Nice boat

  3. Lenny looks so happy being back at home with his family…nothing like home cooking…food…fun. Home folks are real and keep you real.. I love his retreat on the beach…HA! Stay busy Lenny….the music is fonky…reminds me of back in the day ole school….funk!! looking forward to it! have fun…

  4. Cant wait to hear the new album

  5. I have the biggest smile on my face right now..(must be my caribbean roots haha)

  6. My goodness, Lenny is SO cool!! And SO beautiful!!! I hope he enjoys his time at home and gets some rest.

  7. Thank you so much for posting doc.
    Oh the food.. the ppl. This takes me back to my childhood growing up eating rice from the bottom of the pan like that too… with some salt.. hmmm
    Lenny.. I love YOU so much

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