Angelique Sabrina Shows You How To Do The “Pull Up”

Angelique Sabrina, the singer of “Pull Up” and who MTV has called “The next Rihanna” has released how to do the pull up dance. Now, all you need is Kate Upton to do it and then everyone will be doing it. The song gets its name from the unique dance that the Bahamas native created […]

Video: Lenny Kravitz Records “Everything” For Upcoming CD

  Lenny Kravitz returned to his studio in the Bahamas to record “Everything” which we are told is the final track for his “Black & White America” CD due for release sometime this year. Video footage of him recording “Everything” was taken by Mathieu Bitton for his Candy Tangerine Productions.  The clips show Lenny being […]

Katy Perry Is Smoking In The Bahamas

Katy Perry. Photo:

Katy Perry is a smoking hot woman, no doubt.  I just didn’t know someone who works on her body so hard smokes cigarettes. Maybe, just maybe, it was that once a year casual smoke, I hope. Katy, we expect more from you.  As a “California Girl,” that is not sexy, sweetie. So, leave the cancer […]

LeBum James Runs Away To The Bahamas

LeBron James. Photo:

The basketball player we formerly called Lebron James but is now known as LeBum James was spotted in the Bahamas.  From the photo above, it still looks like he is running away from Cleveland to us.  Also, check out the tattoo he has; “Loyalty” and that is quite the joke. He was there with his […]

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Say “I Do”

What a week! Wedding bells, garter belts and white doves! According to People Magazine, Penelope and Javier exchanged wedding vows early July at a pal’s home in the Bahamas.   Cruz, 36 and Bardem 41, exchanged vows in a very intimate ceremony surrounded by family members. Congrats to the sizzlin’ couple 🙂