Why I Did Not Cover Ryan Seacrest & His Stalker

Ryan Seacrest File Photo

Ryan Seacrest File Photo

Ryan Seacrest a few weeks back had a stalker follow him and seriously injured one of his bodyguards.  Less then a week later, the stalker showed up to where Ryan works at the E! building on Wilshire.  He was apprehended and arrested.  Turns out he was a lean mean killing machine that was serving in the U.S. Army.

So why didn’t we hear about it on this web site?  Plain and simple, some stalkers are looking for attention for what they do.  TMZ and other web sites were posting the stalkers photo and his name, basically bringing him the attention he may have been seeking from Ryan Seacrest and the media. 

Back in the 90’s, a woman broke into Brad Pitts house and would wear his clothes and was caught on camera.  She was arrested but soon after, because it was a so-called “hot” woman, she was appearing on TV shows and even had a web site promoting her and had an agent.  All of this fed into attention for her and celebrity. 

There are several stalkers of celebs.  The most recent one is Justin Timberlake.  The situation is scary but I feel by reporting on it and by reporting the name of the individual and giving him attention, you are giving him exactly what he wanted. 

I know in the end, I may have caused myself to lose several thousands of hits, and who knows how many page views, but I know in my heart,  I did the right thing.  I do try to keep you guys informed in the latest juice and all that is going on, but I could not write about in good conscious and I do really feel a lot of the media and other blog sites gave Ryan’s stalker exactly what he wanted and I refused to do that.-Dr.FB




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