Adam Lambert Performs “For Your Entertainment”

Adam Lambert performed "For Your Entertainment" at the American Music Awards and she showed guts. The whole grinding with the girl and then making out with the male keyboardist (with the producers pulling away from showing the whole kiss) and maybe some of the vocal screams were a little "broadway" or too much but still, he gave us something to talk about.

Kris Allen, who won American Idol only presented an award, but Adam Lambert, who was runner-up, closes the show. Interesting. There is a reason why you don't see Kris Allen on this site as much as I want him and it has to do with his promotional people and exclusive rights and stuff like that. Straight up, someones promotion team needs to be fired.-Dr.FB

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  1. Has anyone noticed that most of the losers on American Idol have been the big winners? The ones who do win never get the push that they deserve or were promised.

  2. Vocals pitchy… which I’ll chalk up to nerves.. running around stage. The vocals on the CD are beautiful. As for the rest… folks are talking and it seems he’s nearly all they’re talking about… LOL.

    I seem to remember an upstart named Madonna shocking folks and causing controversy at her first awards show. I wonder how that worked out for her??

  3. Oh and I love Kris Allen, no performance? Disappointing and humiliating for the little fella. Is that some sort of strategy? Weird.
    His new album’s frigging awesome

  4. ‘and she showed guts’ LOL!
    The kiss was hot, the vocals not 😉

  5. Did you check out the part that the AMA’s cut out on the west coast feed….however it is on this version..with him rubbing the guy’s face in his crotch…or and come to find out..tbat seemingly planned roll on the stage was an actual fall..lol he recovered well but that performance was horrible…..the song doesn’t seem that bad…I need to hear the studio version

  6. They gave Adam the very prestigious closing performance and hyped it all night – well worth it. He was fabulous as usual. We need more entertainers like him & lady gaga who actually KNOW how to put on a show.

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