Timbaland’s “Morning After Dark With Nelly Full Version

Here is the full version of "Morning After Dark" From Timbaland and Nelly with SoShy.

This is from "Shock Value II" which is out December 8th but has leaked over the weekend.

We hear the track with Justin Timberlake is fire and the one with Katy Perry, not so much.-Dr.FB

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  1. If the Justin track is “Carry Out”, I wouldn’t describe it as fire.

  2. where the heck is Nelly Furtado in the vid?? That’s “So Shy”, but i thought Nelly WAS on this track??

  3. is it just me or did Timbaland is on repeat… seems like all his last songs sound alike… it will be nice 2 listen 2 on the radio …it will not make my MP3player tho ;0)

  4. Sorry… I could only get myself to watch ’till the 1.44 m mark..

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