Kim Kardashian Is A Compulsive Liar

Kim Kardashian. Photo: GettyImages.com
Kim Kardashian. Photo: GettyImages.com

Kim Kardashian. Photo: GettyImages.com

Kim Kardashian's lies are bigger than her back side.  Let me just say that no matter how attractive you are, lying is sooooooo unattractive!

On last night's "Keeping Up With Kardashian's," Kim was busted lying several times n something we have been calling out for months.  Kim lies to not hang out with friends, to not hang out with her sisters.  She may think they are small lies but girl lies all the time. 

You know what is the biggest giveaway?  She always closes her eyes when telling a lie.  Seriously.  Watch an episode and just look for Kim to close her eyes while talking.  It's a really fun game and unlike Kim, I am not lying to you.-Dr.FB

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  1. Who the hell cares about this broad anyway? She’s worthless. The best thing she could do for society is cease to exist.

  2. This is actually news??? Everyone lies.

  3. You know Doc, I HATE it when celeb sites crack on celebs, but for some reason, I tend to agree with you.

    Maybe it’s the way you write about it, but it comes off as more truth than dis.

    Kim is a snob who thinks she can get away wirth lying because of her looks and who she is. GTFOOHWTBS!

    Also, Doc, I loved a couple of months ago when Kim was kissing pere’s ass and you asked her how Perez’s ass tastes! Love it!

    Thanks Doc for bringing something new to the table!

  4. I missed last nights episode but I hope to catch it sometime this week. The whole family is fake but for some reason I’m intrigued by them. Just like I was intrigued by Jon and Kate Plus 8. Maybe it’s just bad judgment???

  5. LOL…thats funny tho its da Truth, Dr. F!

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