Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Pushed Back To Summer 2010

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover

Lil Wayne's Rebirth has been pushed back more than __________ (insert pun here.)

The CD although it has been leaked is now scheduled for June 2010.  Lil Wayne will be in jail by then serving time.-Dr.FB

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  1. does anyone care? this is Lil Wayne’s Detox.. i’ve heard the album that Amazon sent out, and to be quite honest.. it’s not that good anyway.. and when u constantly wait for an album to come out, no matter how “good” it is, it’s never good enough after the long wait..

    gee thanks Mr. Wayne, Weezy..whatever.. u went from no talent rapper, to no talent rapper…with a horrible album that u’re making people think they want.. until they hear it.. and they’re like.. rebirth? it should have been called abortion.. lol..

    horrible album as it stands right now.. hopefully drake and nina will be better and not pushed back on Wayne’s label, as they are the better artists.. Nina is a sick rapper for real!! Check her out on Robin Thicke’s Shakin’ it for Daddy

  2. This albums not coming out. Mark my words.

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