Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Pushed Back To Summer 2010

Lil Wayne’s Rebirth has been pushed back more than __________ (insert pun here.) The CD although it has been leaked is now scheduled for June 2010.  Lil Wayne will be in jail by then serving time.-Dr.FB

Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Pushed Back To 2010

Lil Wayne’s rock album “Rebirth”  has been pushed back yet again, after promising this time it is coming out.  The CD was supposed to come out in early 2009 and was supposed to be released on December 21st, but that is not happening now. We are being told the new release date is going to […]

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover Revealed

Here is the cover of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth CD which has been pushed back more times then any CD in recent memory.  The CD is now set to be released December 21st, but we are not holding our breath.  Not feeling the cover but at least it is not a close up of his face.-Dr.FB

Video: Lil Wayne On The View

Lil Wayne appeared on the View on Friday.  Let the WTF and OMG’s start.  Looks like he is going ahead with the “Rebirth” CD.  Gotta love it when Joy says let me read your face! Also included is him performing “Prom Queen.”-Dr.FB