Lady Gaga To Appear On Oprah!

Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage

Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage

Lady Gaga will be on the Oprah show this Friday, January 15th. 

It should be some great performances and a very interesting interview for sure.  Will we hear Oprah sing a little bit of "Poker Face" or "Bad Romance" or will we see her just dance?

One thing is for sure, Oprah will be worth watching this Friday.-Dr.FB

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  1. Lady gaga is pretty strange, but she does make some catchy tunes.

  2. I will be watching that one.

  3. Lady Gaga is an extremely talented woman. She plays down her vocal ability like Cristina aguilera did when she first came out

  4. 50 Cent is going to have a conniption fit.

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