Poll: Will You Watch “American Idol” When Simon Cowell Leaves?

Simon Cowell. Photo: Esquire.com

Simon Cowell. Photo: Esquire.com

Just one question; Will you watch American Idol after Simon Cowell leaves?

Will You Watch American Idol When Simon Leaves?

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Let us know.  Thank you.-Dr.FB

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  1. When they let Paula go I said…”let the demise of American Idol begin!”I’m standing by that statement.Besides some of us know what REALLY goes on with those reality shows!Time for something new.

  2. I said yes. I do believe that Simon Cowell is the show but the show is so huge and its been a part of my TV schedule from the night it premiered, I’d have to give it a shot without Simon before being completely done with AI. If I don’t like it, I’ll be done.

  3. i voted no only cuz i am so over the show. has nothing to do with paula or simon, just dont really watch no mo. i might check-in and c the kind of vibe ellen brings 2 the show, but outside of that, adios.

    not that i care, but out of all the judges (pre ellen) the one judge that was dead weight, a real BORE and an eye-sore was Randy. I mean what the heck has this guy ever really done?

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