Lady Gaga Rocks New York & Donates To Haiti

Lady Gaga In New York

Lady Gaga. Exclusive Photo:

Lady Gaga In New York

Lady Gaga Exclusive. Photo:

Lady Gaga took over New York over the weekend performing 4 sold out shows and last night’s show, ALL the proceeds, ticket sales, merch went to Haiti.

Our friend, G, went to the concert.  Now, G had passed on seeing Gaga before and did not really understand all the hype surrounding her.  I am sure he rolled his eyes on how much I have covered her since her debut.  Did last night change his mind?

 “I take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about Ms. Gaga (aside from her mediocre song lyrics).  She’s made me a fan!”

For G’s full review and more pictures, go to his site HERE and show him some love.  Thanks G for the pics for the site and glad you enjoyed Gaga.  What Gaga outfit will you be wearing next time you see her?-Dr.FB




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