Never Sit Behind Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Grammys
Lady Gaga Grammys

Lady Gaga. Gettyimages.com

Maybe Lady Gaga was doing the people behind her a favor when wearing this outfit:  they did not have to watch all the crappy performances last night.

Seriously hope they did not pay for those seats.-Dr.FB

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  1. I loved the outfit! Finally someone putting the show and flash back into ROCK ‘n ROLL! With that said..r U sure thats Lady Gaga or the Ice Queen from NARNIA?!

    What…? U weren’t thinking the same thing?

  2. the outfit of the guy behind her was so awful.. they put Lady Gaga in front of it so the artists on stage wouldnt be distracted ;0)))
    love her shoes

  3. Wouldn’t it be exhausting to look so strange ALL THE TIME? She didn’t look very happy on Grammy night whenever they showed her. Nerves maybe?

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