Let’s Live It Up!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I have been able to type to you all and you know I like to keep in touch.  I hope everyone is having a great 2010 so far, and if not, I hope it turns around for you soon.

I want to thank you guys for coming here and supporting the site.  I know you have many choices out there and I appreciate you coming here.   I may not respond to every comment but I do read almost every single one and appreciate your comments tremendously. 

For those that repost what I write, from Twitter, to Facebook, to other sites AND give drfunkenberry.com credit, I appreciate it.  For those that don’t, PLEASE do.  The site is still in the growing stages and every little bit helps.

Again, thank you guys so much!!!!   It means a lot to me and I look forward to making drfunkenberry even better and a a better experience for all of you.

Much Love.-Dr.FB



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  • Paradise
    Posted at 13:52h, 04 February

    Awww… We love you 2 Doc. Thank you for sharing all the things u do and have. XOXO Smiles.

  • Pdelica
    Posted at 09:19h, 04 February

    I love this site! There isn’t another site that would have included or even known about the Prince Cindy C song, come on!!!! Purple news is what originally drew me here and I’m here 2 stay.

  • Aprilflower
    Posted at 15:37h, 03 February

    hey funkenberry you the real deal
    you read my comments
    you straight up cool
    thanks again

  • Louise E.
    Posted at 13:33h, 03 February

    Love your site Dr….CHEERS to a wonderful 2010 !! xo

  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 13:30h, 03 February

    Thanks for replies so far. As for requests on a certain someone, just know when real news happens on them, it will be reported. If nothing is happening, there is nothing we can do.

    As for photos, I think I am going to request you guys send in photos like with made signs of say drfunkenberry or yourself maybe “professing your love” for the site. No other celebs, just the site.

    Sound good?

    If so, send your photos to drfunkenberry@gmail.com and I will feature your photos on the site.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • justememuchlove
    Posted at 13:01h, 03 February

    Much love back doc.

  • Aprilflower
    Posted at 12:54h, 03 February

    Yes keep it funky
    Yes more of the purple one
    One thing though — What the heck do you look like???
    People call you “J” but that’s all I know.
    Could we get a picture, please?
    I do enjoy your site — Thanks DocFB
    p.s. maybe you could have a photo gallery of all of us —
    your funky friends!! Peace and Love

  • lady
    Posted at 12:16h, 03 February

    i love this site. entertaining and informative. i need more of the purple one, though.
    this is the only place i go for entertainment news. your doing a great job for us. thanks.

  • Star2009
    Posted at 11:33h, 03 February

    well we appreciate all the news u share about our favorite celebs on your site. so thanx 4 sharing and I enjoy reading your site.

  • nancy b
    Posted at 11:32h, 03 February

    Thanks Doc!!! I always tell everyone where I get my news from. You do an amazing job and keep us informec of so many things I would not otherwise hear about. You ARE my source of entertainment news. I also appreciate your insight and funny comments. Can’t wait to see your site grow!!

  • Niccc
    Posted at 11:32h, 03 February

    Just keep it funky… !

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