This Is Sooo Not Going To Happen!!!!!!!!

Check out this video below and tell us if you agree that it is NEVER going to happen!

New American Idol Judge????????

For the love of things all sane in the world, God no!

Here I am only asking to be the panelist on the next "I Love The 80's" on VH-1.  Either I am not asking for much or maybe setting my goals too low.

What do you think?  Would HE make a good judge?  Someone thinks way too high of himself me thinks.-Dr.FB

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  1. I especially love the coldsore on his lip!


  2. Did that lying bastard just say he can “Be Fiercely Honest” with a straight face. His 15 minutes are fading..

  3. that would be a serious mess. it probly. would pull in some numbers ,cuz i have not doubt he would be a b**** to these young hopefuls, but would fizzle out in no time flat.

    the dude would be better in a fashion/modeling type judge, NOT music.

  4. WHAT has happened to him? He looks all guant and spotty and hoorrible. Is he ill? He should defo not be the judge. I really think it should be someone musical…

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