Bring On The Drama! Dina Lohan Joins Ex’s Of Prince & Eddie Murphy On Reality Show

Hollywood Exes. BittenandBound.com
Hollywood Exes. BittenandBound.com

Hollywood Exes. BittenandBound.com

What do you do when a reality show may not be giving you the drama you need? Why, you call Dina Lohan and ask her to be in the mix. That is EXACTLY what VH-1 has done with "Hollywood Exes" a reality show debuting later this year.

We first told you about the show back in March that the show would feature the ex's of Prince, Eddie Murphy, R. Kelly, Will Smith and others.

We had a feeling that Mayte Garcia (Prince's ex) and Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy's ex) would be pretty tight-lipped on the show about who they used to be with, and would rather focus on what is going on in their lives now.

We are told that Dina is not exactly a cast member but will be hanging out with the ladies and causing drama.  OK, we added the last, but that for sure is what is going to happen.  For.  Sure.

What won't be happening?  Lindsay Lohan, Dina's famous daughter, appearing on the show.

VH-1, won't you go back to playing music videos instead?-DocFB


Katy Perry Shows Off Her “Firework” For The Troops

Katy Perry performed "Firework" for the troops as part of VH-1 Divas Salute The Troops Special.

Here is hoping that the troops got earplugs.  Yikes!

You know I like Katy Perry but even Simon Cowell at times thought that was kind of pitchy.

Nonetheless, it is for the troops and I want to know what you thought of  Katy's performance of "Firework" for VH-1.-Dr.FB


“Do Something” Awards To Be Hosted By Jane Lynch

Check out the promo ad for the "Do Something" Awards hosted by Jane Lynch on VH-1.

The show will feature performances by such Funkenberry artists as Lifehouse, Natasha Bedingfield, and Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars.

Too funny. Love her.-Dr.FB


This Is Sooo Not Going To Happen!!!!!!!!

Check out this video below and tell us if you agree that it is NEVER going to happen!

New American Idol Judge????????

For the love of things all sane in the world, God no!

Here I am only asking to be the panelist on the next "I Love The 80's" on VH-1.  Either I am not asking for much or maybe setting my goals too low.

What do you think?  Would HE make a good judge?  Someone thinks way too high of himself me thinks.-Dr.FB


The T.O. Show Gets A 2nd Season

Terrell Owens Promo Photo.  Photo: VH1.com
Terrell Owens Promo Photo.  Photo: VH1.com

Terrell Owens Promo Photo. Photo: VH1.com

The T.O. Show got picked up by Vh-1 for a second season, VH-1 confirmed today.

Terrell Owens announced the deal via his twitter page.

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VH-1 Pulls I Love Money Over Reality Star Murder?

Lacey Conner.  Photo: Myspace.com
Lacey Conner.  Photo: Myspace.com

Lacey Conner. Photo: Myspace.com

VH-1 not only had to pull "Megan Wants  A Millionaire" because of murderer Ryan Jenkins being on the show, but it has now pulled "I Love Money 3" and it will not air because Ryan was on it, but also may have won the whole contest. VH-1 is not yet confirming it but a star on the show is.

Lacey Cooper, who was on "Rock Of Love" with Bret Michaels took to her myspace blog to post about the show being pulled and how she grew close to Ryan;

Hey Everyone,
Lacey, you should just be thanking your stars he did not want to marry you and you are still alive. I am sure we will be finding out more information on Ryan Jenkins over the next few days. One sick individual to say the least.-Dr.FB

I just got back from Mexico a few weeks ago, where we filmed "I  Love Money, season 3" which was supposed to air on Vh1 this fall.  I had a blast, and met some really cool people, and I thought that the show was going to turn out to be really great, and very entertaining.

As I'm sure you all have heard by now, Ryan Jenkins (from "Megan Wants a Millionaire"), is wanted as a "person of interest" in regards to the murder of his wife.  Ryan was also on "I Love Money, season 3", so I spent quite a bit of time with him, had a lot of one-on-one conversations with him, and got to know him quite a bit.  I am in complete shock, disbelief, and horror, from the events that have taken place, and that his wife has been murdered.  I've really been freaking out.  This is so f***ed up, and I just can't get over the fact that this has happened.

But mostly, I am so, so, so sad for that poor girl, Jasmine Fiore, and her family.  I cannot even imagine what horrible emotions they are feeling right now, but I do wish them some kind of peace right now, within this nightmare that has taken place.  May God be with them during this difficult time.

As a result of all of this, I Love Money will NOT be airing.  It's disappointing for all of us, who were a part of the show, but of course it is also more than understandable.

I really wish that I could tell you guys more...I have a lot to say....and I have a lot of strong emotions regarding all of this.  But unfortunately, I am not permitted to comment any further (so if you ask, I won't answer....sorry!).  But I just wanted to say SOMETHING, even if it's small....and to reiterate how sad I feel for Jasmine and her family.  I really hope they can find some kind of comfort and peace, and my thoughts and prayers are with them.


Lacey Conner


Reality Star Murderer Ryan Jenkins Kills Himself

Jasmine Fiore & Ryan Jenkins.  Photo: NYDailyNews.com
Jasmine Fiore & Ryan Jenkins.  Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Jasmine Fiore & Ryan Jenkins. Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Onw of the most gruesome Hollywood murders has ended in a suicide.

A week after Jasmine Fiore was murdered, her husband Ryan Jenkins, the person accused of her murder, took his own life, hanging himself in a Canadian motel room.

Jasmine Fiore's body was found in a suitcase, without her fingertips or teeth, with Ryan thinking he committed the perfect murder. How did they identify her?  By her implants. No joke. Ryan filed a missing persons report but when the evidence started coming out, he ran all the way to the Canadian border.

Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on the reality show "Megan Wants  A Millionaire" on VH-1. The show has been pulled off the air and it looks like it the cable channel will never air the show again as we hear he was the runner-up on the show. VH-1 and the production company of the show 51 Minds have come under fire as a thorough background check was not done on Ryan. He was arrested before for beating up a girlfriend.

Ryan married Jasmine 5 months ago but was hooking up with a former boyfriend shortly before she was murdered. He will never face a jury to pay for his crimes.-Dr.FB