This Is Sooo Not Going To Happen!!!!!!!!

Check out this video below and tell us if you agree that it is NEVER going to happen!

New American Idol Judge????????

For the love of things all sane in the world, God no!

Here I am only asking to be the panelist on the next "I Love The 80's" on VH-1.  Either I am not asking for much or maybe setting my goals too low.

What do you think?  Would HE make a good judge?  Someone thinks way too high of himself me thinks.-Dr.FB


Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Attend Funhouse

Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Drake Labry, Photo:PacificCoastnewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Drake Labry, Photo:PacificCoastnewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert & boyfriend Drake Labry attended Pink's "Funhouse" tour which hit the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Y'll feeling Drake's shoes?

Adam's CD will be dropping on November 24th and it is being reported by Rolling Stone that he wrote a song with American Idol judge Kara and it is entitled "Strut" and if it has any controversial value like Kara being on the show, it should be a hit. If not, it will be forgotten, kind of like that American Idol has a 4th judge.

I am not saying, I am just sayin'.-Dr.FB


Video: Ellen’s Official American Idol Announcement

Here is Ellen making the announcement she is the new judge on American Idol.

She seems really stoked and also announced she will be doing both her show and American Idol.

You still in shock?-Dr.FB