Michael Jackson Estate Inks Deal With Sony For $250 Million

Michael Jackson Announces 02 Dates. File Photo

The estate of Michael Jackson has inked a deal with Sony for $250 million dollars.   It is a distribution deal for new unreleased product and some of the stuff you already own from Michael Jackson.

Sony will release 10 albums of Michael’s over the next 7 years, so maybe about 4 cd’s of unreleased material and then 6 others with a new song here or there. 

The deal for Sony makes sense even though it seems like a lot of money.  Since Michael’s passing in June last year, Sony has sold over 31 million MJ records world-wide and with the release of “This Is It” as well, the estate will have made over $250 million in 1 year alone since his death. 

Sony also is paying for Michael’s likeness to be used in video games and movies and other products. 

Michael signed a contract with Sony back in the 80’s giving him control of his masters.  Sony had the rights to use his songs til 2015.  Under the new deal, they now have until 2017. 

The 10 cd’s actually cover the “This Is It” soundtrack so, actually, you are getting 9 more MJ cd’s, a few special editions of “Bad”, “Thriller” and others.  Also, a complete DVD of all of Michael’s videos will be released sometime down the road. 

Michael Jackson fans, what do you think of this deal?-Dr.FB



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  • Modernaire
    Posted at 07:27h, 17 March

    Well, I hope it includes rare Jacksons concerts and other MJ concerts on DVD/BlueRay.

    Certainly and achievement though. That MJ is really just the biggest.

    If only Prince could get his house in order…and also release his vast supposed Vault gems but highly doubtful. He’s squandered his appeal and appreciation for the general public to even know he HAS unreleased stuff anymore. No one cares.

    MJ is the Baddest.

  • TheMoonWalker
    Posted at 01:03h, 17 March

    I have mixed feelings also. Sony did not support MJ to me in his last years on earth. They sabotaged his “Invincible” CD. They tried to buy out his Beatles catalog also. But MJ wouldn’t budge. I guess deep down he knew that it would support his kids for the rest of there lives. There snakes and as mJ called them the devil. They are profiting off of his death. that is sad to me. Only good thing is his mother Katherne & kids Paris , Blanket. & Prince are very wealthy now and will be the rest of there lives

  • Controversy12
    Posted at 14:35h, 16 March

    I have mixed feelings on this … I will probably be the first person in line buying stuff I probably already have …. but then … I hope that Sony paces everything out & don’t over do it with merchandise … I’m all for the unreleased music and any HD quality video will be a plus for the fans.


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