Warner Bros.: We Will Get Charlie Sheen To Make A Deal

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Warner Bros. is confident that they will get Charlie Sheen to sign on for 2 more years of “2 and half men” and said Charlie not being signed has happened before but they will handle it.

It seems the difference in money is about 500,000 as Charlie wants $1.5 million and Warners is offering $ 1 million.

We have a feeling that Warner Bros. will get Charlie to sign.-Dr.FB



  • Tim
    Posted at 07:31h, 27 October

    LOL…Charlie Sheen has destroyed a hotel room I’ve seen today. It’s his own fault. Why does he hang with losers that dont care about him?

  • Derek Evert
    Posted at 07:27h, 07 June

    This really is bizarre! Imo he was very good acting in Two and a Half Men, but maybe it was mainly because he was simply playing himself:-)

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