Warner Bros.: We Will Get Charlie Sheen To Make A Deal

Warner Bros. is confident that they will get Charlie Sheen to sign on for 2 more years of “2 and half men” and said Charlie not being signed has happened before but they will handle it. It seems the difference in money is about 500,000 as Charlie wants $1.5 million and Warners is offering $ […]

Paula Abdul Back In Negotiations With American Idol

Paula Abdul has passed on “Dancing With The Stars” and has restarted talks with Fox to return to American Idol. Paula’s asking price? $10 million per year. We will see if she signs for less and if she does, look for fans to still take her side as it is a win-win situation for Paula; […]

Michael Vick Signs With The Eagles

Michael Vick

Wow. An NFL team actually signed Michael Vick. The Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick to a two year contract.  Guess we know now where PETA will be protesting. He will get $1.6 million this year and if they resign him, $5.2 million next year. Michael Vick served 23 months in prison for the killing of […]