Prince May Headline Time 100 Gala in NYC, May 4th

Prince performs in Paris, France. October, 2009.
Prince performs in Paris, France. October, 2009.

Prince performs in Paris, France. October, 2009.

The NY Post is reporting that Prince will perform at Time Magazine's 100 Gala where they will honor their list of the 100 most influential people. We still have yet to confirm this appearance (it is the NY Post, y'all...).

The May 4th event, which takes place at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, will also feature singer Taylor Swift and comedian Andy Samberg of SNL.

Time's issue with the 100 list hits newsstands next week, but you can see the list online here. Categories include Leaders & Revolutionaries, Heroes & Pioneers, Scientists & Thinkers, Builders and Titans, and Artists & Entertainers.

Prince isn't on the list but other musicians that made it include Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey, and Herbie Hancock.

#1 on the list of Artists & Entertainers? Lorne Michael of SNL. Ahem, ok. - Dr.FB

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  1. Prince leaves everyone else in the dust..He’s great and incredibly talented…Hope it’s televised would love to see him perform.

  2. He should be on the list! How r they going to invite him to perform but, he’s not worthy to be on The List? We’ll c.

  3. cool thanx 4 sharing

  4. Time and time again … pinball !

  5. P is always #1 on my lists. :) Let’s hope we get some video or pics from the press coverage of the event.

  6. I guess Prince did not make the short list. I saw a list and he was at #107….

  7. Lex knew this all day and didn’t call to tell me.

  8. I read that he infact did make the list…guess I’ll have to wait til the magazine hits the stand and see for sure.

  9. Yay! lovin all this Prince action…..

  10. And the saga continues………

  11. if there was a legend catagory we all know who would top that list! hope he does itt AND sings a new song especially for new yorkers!

  12. Oh shoot. And my vacation time is wrapping up in 5 days.

  13. That’s way cool. If Prince does an aftershow, I am soooooo there!

  14. thanks doc

  15. darn and im leaving new jersey on the 3 if tickits become avalible to this i miht have to fig out a way to get to the apple but im pretty sure i wont happiin this looks likes a exclusive event

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