Confirmed: PRINCE to Play Time 100 Gala

Prince Photo:

Prince Photo:

We can confirm the NY Post rumor from a couple of weeks ago that Prince is set to play the Time 100 Gala this Tuesday, May 4th in New York City. 

Prince will be doing a special set specifically for the Time 100 Most Influential People Of The Year Issue event, which he is a part of even though it’s only the middle of the year. 

It has almost been a year since we lost Michael Jackson and people have gravitated towards Prince as the only one of his kind left (long overdue); the ultimate musician and performer alive.  He may not have done alot since MJ’s passing but as a fellow colleague said, “Prince is on the list basically just for being Prince & that is a 100 percent justified.”

It is a private press event, so any footage we obtain from it, we will share with you.  As we told you before, Prince is set to be the cover story of Ebony magazine’s June issue, which should be hitting newsstands (They still have those?) very shortly.

Congrats to Prince on being part of the list. Now how about that live DVD, buddy?  🙂 -Dr.FB



  • Georgie
    Posted at 10:51h, 04 May

    Tuesday? That’s today!!!!!!!!! Do your best and get some footage Doc X

  • CherylZ
    Posted at 09:48h, 04 May

    Prince’s music is always flowing through my ears, mind, heart & soul. Influential in my life? Absolutely! Enlightened is a great way to describe it!
    Yes, now when is that live DVD coming?

  • douglas
    Posted at 03:56h, 04 May

    Could someone translate the post above? Yikes. Well, anyway this is great news.

  • Yacamaindian
    Posted at 01:21h, 04 May

    Hi Mr. Nelson:

    Light is what you illustrate, with many examples.

    For instance: Your levitating is defined as light, and too “sweetness and light”, by definition is a harmonious combination of beauty and enlightment; thus the harmonica player demonstrating this meaning for us.

    Our young people all over the earth will study Cerenkov with regards to light, and Klieg lights will be used to help film your formal message in song for this generation who look towards heavenly homes of light.

    Your dawn has shined on me and others, and I pray your continued success at enlightening those whom will listen to you at this magnificent state of affairs.

    Have a blessed evening.

    I love you


  • cristabel719
    Posted at 21:30h, 03 May

    thanks for the confirmation doc

  • Michael...
    Posted at 21:26h, 03 May

    Wake me when Prince has something influential to say in the Right way.

  • Too Funky
    Posted at 19:43h, 03 May

    Great news! Well deserved to Prince for the nod on the list & I’m sure he will funk & rock it like no other!

  • paisley1985
    Posted at 18:28h, 03 May

    I’m ready for his new Album…..some birds said that we will get some news about new Music …SOON!

    Bwild Brothers&Sisters of Purple Underground

  • pelicankiss
    Posted at 15:55h, 03 May

    Thanks Doc 🙂

  • LexAve456
    Posted at 15:03h, 03 May

    This is GREAT news! Finally Prince making news for something GOOD as opposed to something bad. I’m sure there are so-called Prince fans who are not happy about him being on the list but those aren’t real fans so what does it matter. I’m happy that Prince is going to be here where he belongs, the Big Apple and it would be really cool if he does an aftershow or something for us NY fans this week while he’s here. Thanks for the info as always Doc!

  • Littlered Corvette
    Posted at 13:54h, 03 May

    Txs for sharing Doc ! Shakin’Arrass Prince !

  • MarcAA
    Posted at 13:48h, 03 May

    Love this photo!! Prince and Yonnet in sync, floating in the groove. Awesome!!!

  • misstami
    Posted at 13:47h, 03 May

    Prince it’s great to have you back on the east coast. I’m upstate NY and I wish I could be there! Thanks Doc for the update!

  • Jgreco7
    Posted at 13:40h, 03 May

    Thanks 4 confirming Doc FB, any chance of a late night gig afterwards?

  • Moonpool
    Posted at 13:31h, 03 May

    Bounce 🙂

    Posted at 13:17h, 03 May

    This a gr8 way to come back. Going back to what u said Doctor. I try to tell so called Prince fans. Since MJ’s passing. We need to show a little more appreciation for this man. I can imagine how heart broken MJ’s fans feel. Its too late when they are six feet under to let them know. But as usual his spoiled so called fans criticize everything he does. Well I’m here to say i appreciate U Prince and will always be there to support everything U do

  • Bohemian
    Posted at 12:52h, 03 May

    Thanks for always delivering Dr. Funkenberry. We know we can trust YOU!

  • purpleroses
    Posted at 12:04h, 03 May

    Welcome to the NYC Prince! Rock on!

  • justmemuchlove
    Posted at 11:51h, 03 May

    Thank you for the news doc.
    I Wish I could be there (x2) . I really do wish..

  • drfunkencherry
    Posted at 11:50h, 03 May

    Awesome news! Rock the house, Prince!

  • brechten
    Posted at 11:47h, 03 May

    he’d better do a special set 4 the Arras & Werchter shows as well !

  • iPFL
    Posted at 11:43h, 03 May

    Party Up
    New York …

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