New Eminem “Not Afraid”

Eminem has dropped another song from his upcoming CD "Recovery" due for release later this year.

"Not Afraid" is what I was saying when I wanted Eminem to grow up and write from that point of view...and he delivers. He even admits his last CD was "ehhh" on this track.

I wouldn't say that, but I am glad to see Em release an official first song that isn't comical.

Dare I say it, if this song is any indication of what to expect from his new CD, dare I say it, Eminem is back.

What do YOU think of his Em's latest offering?-Dr.FB

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  1. I like it!

  2. not a bad track……..nice beat by Boi-1da………not amazing though

  3. Will be back up soon….

  4. There’s some note in the video that they shut down the original audio. DrF *is* funny but I think he was really sharing the Eminem track originally 🙂

  5. Easy mutha funkin’ E! good joke Doc

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