Go Behind The Scenes With Eminem

I liked it better when behind the scenes footage of a video came out before the video instead of months later, especially when it is as good as a song and video as "Not Afraid" by Eminem.

The footage is great and as I mentioned, the song is great as well, so here is behind the scenes footage with Eminem.  Enjoy.-Dr.FB


Video: Eminem Performs “Not Afraid” & “Love The Way You Lie” With Rihanna At MTV Awards

Here is Eminem performing  "Not Afraid" & "I Love The Way You Lie" with surprise guest Rihanna. 

Rihanna tweeted yesterday she would not be able to make the VMA's but it was all a ruse as she arrived shortly before showtime to rehearse with Em. 

Check out the performance by Eminem and Rihanna above n let us know what you think.-Dr.FB


Eminem Is Not Afraid To Get Really Pissed! (Parody Video)

AHAHAHAHA! I love Eminem and I love this n I am sure he has a sense of humor to enjoy this as well.

Check out this parody of Eminem's smash hit "Not Afraid" and tell me what you think.-Dr.FB


Eminem Shows He Is “Not Afraid” At BET Awards

Eminem along with B.O.B. and Keisha Cole had in my opinion one of the best moments at the BET Awards...aside from the dead air censoring the curse words when Em performed "Not Afraid" even tho he did try to censor himself at times. 

I just wish I could say Eminem's new CD is as good as this performance but I can't.

Regardless, make sure to check out Em's performance of "Not Afraid" at the end of this performance n let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Eminem Performs “Not Afraid” At Activision Event

Eminem performed at the Staple Center last night bringing the house down with "Not Afraid" his latest single.

Check it out above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Video Premiere: Eminem “Not Afraid”

Here is the video of "Not Afraid" the best Eminem track in years..and he knows it!

It's nice to not have a first video be comical but straightforward, serious and with great lyrical content.

If the CD is anything like this song, Em might be adding a few more grammys to his mantel or bathroom or wherever he keeps them.

What do you think of the new video by Eminem?-Dr.FB


Eminem Shooting “Not Afraid” Video In New Jersey

Eminem   Photo: AP Photo/Gary Malerba

Eminem Photo: AP Photo/Gary Malerba

Eminem has been filming "Not Afraid" which is a hot song and is the first single from his Recovery CD due in stores June 22nd. 

The set was not closed so a site caught some video footage of Em standing around and also got some photos of him as well.

For this footage, go HERE.   I seriously cannot wait for the video.-Dr.FB