Sean Kingston Update: He Will Make Full Recovery

Sean Kingston. File Photo

Sean Kingston, who was in a deadly jet ski accident that almost killed him, is expected to make a full recovery.  His record label Epic, made the statement to CNN and an official press release as well. It will take Kingston 6 weeks to recover but he will make a full recovery.  That is some […]

Eminem Continues To Dominate Charts; Rocks Staple Center With Rihanna

Eminem is still number 1 on the Billboard Charts with his CD “Recovery” moving 195,000 units although it was released weeks ago. Last night at Rihanna’s show at Staple Center, Eminem was a surprise guest, and the fans went crazy as they performed “Love The Way You Lie” and earlier in the day, were shooting […]

Pauly Shore Hates On The New Eminem~Video

So Pauly Shore misses the accents that were on “Relapse” so this might mean that “Recovery” may just be a hit. If Pauly liked it, then I would be worried. We all know this is a joke but check it out anyway.-Dr.FB

New Eminem “Not Afraid”

Eminem has dropped another song from his upcoming CD “Recovery” due for release later this year. “Not Afraid” is what I was saying when I wanted Eminem to grow up and write from that point of view…and he delivers. He even admits his last CD was “ehhh” on this track. I wouldn’t say that, but […]

Bret Michaels Recovery Is Amazing

Brett Michaels File Photo

Bret Michaels doctors will be having a press conference tomorrow to discuss the rock star’s condition but it appears Bret is a fighter and is winning. There is no word if his speech is still slurred but he has been talkative at times.  He appears to be in good spirits and is much improved over […]