The World According To Prince; The Ebony Cover Interview

Prince Ebony Cover Final. Photo:
Prince Ebony Cover Final. Photo:

Prince Ebony Cover Final. Photo:

Prince is on the cover of Ebony this month, which we mentioned a couple of months ago.

It is an interview with the music superstar and never before seen photos.  They hung with the purple one for 12 hours and talk about him going door to door as a Jehovah Witness and talks about his relationship with Bria Valente.

They had me at the never before seen photos.  I do wonder what he will talk about as talking about religion is always tricky.   You are bound to offend someone no matter how hard you try not to.

As for the cover photo, I always said Prince had balls of titanium.  Now, he is just flaunting them.-Dr.FB

Prince Ebony Cover Final. Photo:

Prince Ebony Cover Final. Photo:




  1. CherylZ

    Love the cover! Love the eyes, the attitude, the hand…

    The hand that feeds our soul (& breaks our bank account).

  2. Controversy12

    Dayummmmmm … I can’t wait to get this magazine in my hands. The Ebony/Jet website says at newsstands everywhere on June 8. …. WOW to be able to spend 12 hours with Prince at Paisley Park would be a dream come true for me … I hope the person conducting the interview is a fan.

  3. Sbacon1999

    Such a classic Prince expression, I love it. Can’t wait to read the interview and see all the new pics. Off to stalk my local Borders…

  4. LexAve456

    I LOVE this cover! I can’t wait to read what new with the coolest entertainer on the planet today! Prince ROCKS bitches!!!!!

  5. Giovanni

    GREAT cover!

    Sounds like it will be a forthright and intimate interview. Cool. Folks were expecting a CD included, but they’ll just have 2 wait 4 his new album.



  6. love2thenines

    No new CD but with the interview he communicates in his own way … he will talk about his God …. his hip … maybe its existential problems if it has … but niente around music (his methods of recording his new songs and projects around if they tried there are any. ..), he will talk about his eternal gratitude to God, Jehovah.. knows what ….. so maybe he will talk about his future mini-tour in Europe or his desire to found a family with Bria ( Yeah!) or perhaps he will announce that he just recorded his best album of all time but he can not get out (private listening only), it will also took arrangements to send the sound through a mini Skud rocket into space for the 3rd type somewhere above the very top or Jehovah …. or he will announce his future retirement from the stage and studio … “Everybody’s looking 4 the ladder
    Everybody wants salvation of the soul “… he said!

  7. anna

    Where can one get ahold of the issue in Spain? Tried to find it when in NY last week but realized it was a July issue…

  8. Paradise Nubien

    Smiling, ya got luv Him. This is kool, can’t wait for the mag. Wishing him the best on his mini tour and in all other areas in his life.

    Thank you Doc.:->

  9. ChrisG

    Is this on newsstands now? And if so, where on earth would find a newsstand in this day and age?? lol j/k!

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  11. princelover2tha9s

    WOWWWWW!! Finally he will open up about his personal life! I have been waiting for this and am happy that he showing his natural look. The recent pictures with no makeup suit him and he seems happy and content with life. YAYYYYY Icing on the cake will be the new photos for my collection!!!!!

  12. Thanks Doc … That’s a cool lookin’ pic. Kinda reminds me of the Emancipation Era … My boy looks good, think he don’t ???

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