Video Premiere: Lady Gaga “Alejandro”

Here is "Alejandro" the latest video from Lady Gaga. Will this video be as talked about as much as "Telephone" was? 

People are rather upset at her picking "Alejandro" as a single.  What do you think of the video?-Dr.FB

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  1. it’s shit
    like most of her songs
    i like some of them
    but most
    are like this

  2. Not mad about this song, the Friar Tuck hairdos aren’t flattering but the video is fun.

  3. this song is not my fav Gagasong, she wont ever win an oscar for her performances & the up the nose shots are not really flattering

  4. Perfect! I love…

  5. That should be “has”, not “had”.

  6. I like the song.
    The video is….ummm…how shall I put it? It had its own artistic slant.

    I like it.

  7. love the song …. but her next single should be Monster… if you havent heard it deff check it out!

  8. “People are rather upset”? Who is upset? What people? Tell them to go outside.

  9. Excellent video. Catchy song.

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