Chris Rock Gives Leno A Jab About Conan; What Did He Say To Kobe? Video

Chris Rock was on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and he brought the funny. Talking about how he wishes Obama had Katrina and Bush had the oil spill going on. "Bush would get every drop like Jenna Jameson." Wow.

Rock also talked about what he was trying to say to Kobe Bryant last week at the NBA Finals and Jay saying he could make Kobe laugh.

Chris Rock still has it. Even comparing his co-stars of "Grown Ups" to the stars of "Sex & The City". Check it out above.-Dr.FB

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  1. Chris Rock still has it. Even comparing his co-stars of “Grown Ups” to the stars of “Sex & The City”

  2. Chris Rock is funny, but his time is past..

  3. Chris rock rocks. But he needs some new material. I know it works but some of the stuff is funny for 2-3 times then gets old. But still love his stuff.

  4. Jay Leno never fails to amazed everyone in his show. He’s such a great man with great and ecstatic talent.

  5. How can you not find this guy funny, I think he is brilliant, got his some off his old stand up on DVD, think I’ll go give it a watch again after seeing this.

  6. Everybody Hates Chris sometimes bores me because the jokes aren’t so funny anymore but i still watch it all the time -,`

  7. the lead character of Everybody Hates Chris is so damn talkative he he”;;

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  12. i watched Everybody Hates Chris and sometimes i find the lead actor a bit distracting.;.~

  13. Obama is honestly in some trouble now. He really needs to put more effort in to get this under control. It’s such a massive disaster.

  14. I have always liked Chris Rock’s humor
    Wish he’d go back to stand up
    although his “everybody hates chris “was a really cute show for kids

  15. Jay is an a$$hole. His next “vehicle” purchase should be a handbasket. He’s going to hell for his greed.

  16. Very funny!

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