Video: Gwen Stefani Joins Bush For “Glycerine” KROQ Performance

Gwen Stefani joined her husband Gavin Rossdale on stage for a performance of "Glycerine" at Saturday's KROQ Acoustic Christmas event in Los Angeles.

I must say that Gav's arms are pretty kick ass. I'm a little jealous. Yea, like I wasn't jealous already with him married to the talented Gwen Stefani.

Look's like that big time blogger reporting their was trouble in their marriage was wrong....as usual. Don't start stuff like that again puff n stuff or the New Doubt n Bush fans are gonna riot.

Gwen sealed her performance with a kiss to Gavin. Awesome performance.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We are serious Puff n Stuff....


Gavins Rossdale Talks About Bush’s New Album & How He Met Gwen

We wondering why Chelsea Handler was dressed nice yesterday in it was because she was interviewing Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.

Gavin talked about an experience in San Francisco, Bush's new album, how he met wife Gwen Stefani and their children having music in the future.

Gavin is really too cool for school.-DocFB

Diagnosis: See The Memories


Tony Bennett Says Bush Told Him Iraq War Was A Mistake; Talks 9/11

Tony Bennett was on Howard Stern and says that when Bush was President, he told him the war with Iraq was a mistake.

He also talks about 9/11 and how we caused it because we were bombing them. Howard first thought he was thinking that he was a conspiracy theorist.

Tony Bennett has always came off as being of sound mind so I do not think he made up the George W. Bush comments.  His comments on 9/11 however....

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Tony Tony Tony.....


Video: Bush Return With New Video “The Sound Of Winter”

Gavin Rossdale and the boys of Bush return with "The Sound Of Winter" video and their new CD "The Sea Of Memories" is in stores now!

Bush are now indie artists with this being their first release on their own label.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis: A Very Welcome "Comeback"


Listen Now To Bush’s New CD “The Sea Of Memories”!


Today is a big day for Bush fans across the globe.  Right now, I-Tunes has the exclusive first listen to the band's long-awaited album "The Sea Of Memories" in its entirety.

Not only can you listen to the entire album now, but you can pre-order the deluxe edition of "The Sea Of Memories" which will be on their own record label "Mad Dog Winston" which is named after Bush lead singer's Gavin Rossdale hungarian sheepdog Winston.

Listen to the new record right now HERE!!!!

Also, if you are expecting more as a Bush Army Member, you are in luck!  The band is also offering VIP packages for personal meet and greets photo-ops, and specially designed merchandise for the band's upcoming US tour.  You can access all of that by going HERE!!!

Ok Bush fans, "Breathe In, Breathe Out" and let us know what you think of "The Sea Of Memories" and the upcoming tour.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Who Doesn't Like Bush? ;)


Chris Rock Gives Leno A Jab About Conan; What Did He Say To Kobe? Video

Chris Rock was on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and he brought the funny. Talking about how he wishes Obama had Katrina and Bush had the oil spill going on. "Bush would get every drop like Jenna Jameson." Wow.

Rock also talked about what he was trying to say to Kobe Bryant last week at the NBA Finals and Jay saying he could make Kobe laugh.

Chris Rock still has it. Even comparing his co-stars of "Grown Ups" to the stars of "Sex & The City". Check it out above.-Dr.FB


More Nude Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens Leak

Vanessa Hudgens.  File Photo
Vanessa Hudgens.  File Photo

Vanessa Hudgens. File Photo

Vanessa Hudgens, who has had photos of her leak a few years ago of her nude (the infamous return of the bush forest look) and now more have surfaced.

I will not be posting the photos because they appear to be taken around the same time as the other photos (And I don't need letters from Disney lawyers)...which was when she was under age. Although, this time, she appears to be covering up the bush forest.

She has a new movie called "Bandslam" coming out soon and it seems weird these photos get leaked at the same time.  I don't buy into it though because the photos ain't that hot. Either that, or she really does nothing for me.

To all the young actresses out there, stop taking photos of yourself naked with your funkenberry blackberry.  It can only lead to trouble!-Dr.FB