What’s Up Doc MJ Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of What's Up Doc.

 DrFunkenberry about the top celeb news of the week including Lady Gaga, Prince, and the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death where the Doc talks about a run-in with MJ that he has never had recorded before.

Check it out above and Keep it Funky.-Dr.FB

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  1. Thanks Doc for honoring Michael Jackson on your site . . . June 25 2009 the world as I knew stopped for a moment upon finding out about MJ’s untimely death. I am not a crazed MJ fan … never met him … however sooo many of my childhood memories are connected to his music . . . I will do my best to keep his legecy alive . . . Thanks again honoring MJ & for sharing your story MJ4ever

  2. Thanks for sharing your MJ story and I do understand
    Have a good weekend
    Much Love

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