What’s Up Doc American Hero Edition


Hello and welcome to another edition of you and your mom's favorite celeb wrap up show, What's Up Doc?

This week we cover the instant celeb status of Steven Slater, Sofia Vergara versus Madonna, Katy Perry, Travie McCoy, George Michael getting busted again (sigh), and the whole J. Lo Shania Twain American Idol debacle.

We hope you enjoy this weeks edition of WUD and Keep It FUNKY!-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc MJ Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of What's Up Doc.

 DrFunkenberry about the top celeb news of the week including Lady Gaga, Prince, and the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death where the Doc talks about a run-in with MJ that he has never had recorded before.

Check it out above and Keep it Funky.-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc California Gurls Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of What's Up Doc?

This time we cover the Los Angeles Lakers, Twitter, Prince, John Mayer, Megan Fox, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, Katy Perry and more.

Hope you enjoy it and keep it funky.-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc “Thank You For Being A Friend” Edition

Welcome to this week's edition of What's Up Doc where we discuss the passing of Rue McClanahan, the mystery surrounding Gary Coleman's death, Prince on the cover of Ebony, Lakers, Celtics, Al & Tipper Gore, and Breakerbox.

Hope you enjoy and keep it funky!~-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc? The Gloves Are On Edition

Here is the latest "What's Up Doc?" with news on Bret Michaels, Chely Wright, Lawrence Taylor, Prince, Madonna and Kobe Bryant.

We recorded this last night and I am glad we did because I am sick for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.  Someone called me Dr. coughenberry last time I did one of these sick which was funny.  Throat hurts so time for some rest.

You all have a good weekend n enjoy Celeb News Wrap Up.-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc Celeb News Wrap Up Word Up Edition

Here is the latest edition of What's Up Doc featuring Sandra Bullock, Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jameson, and Elizabeth Taylor.

What a week it was. Check it out now.-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc? Love Don’t Live Here Anymore Edition

Welcome to another edition of "What's Up Doc?"  where we talk about Conan O'Brien's new deal, Eminem's return, celeb break-up round-up with Larry King, Melissa Etheridge, Mel Gibson, and the recent talk of Elin leaving Tiger.  E-L-I-N.  I will learn. 

Also, was I "flirting" with my interview subjects Agnes and Nikka Costa?  I think not but it seems you guys think I might be.

There is even more and I hope you enjoy the wrap up and shout out's will return next week. Much Love and Keep It Funky!~-Dr.FB