BET Awards UPDATE!!! Will Prince Perform?????

Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz
Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz

Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz

"You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes."-Katy Perry

Bear with me everyone.  I am with you on this, OK?

So our funkenbabies report that Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Ezperanza Spaulding and Patti Labelle killed it at rehearsal for the Prince tribute, performing a mix of songs from his back catalog that were, quite simply, amazing.  

Missing from the tribute; Chaka Khan and Prince.

We hear that Prince did not make it to rehearsal and depending on who you talk to, he was either supposed to be there or he wasn't . 

I love it. I can only laugh.  This is Prince.  So unpredictable.  I love it.

So because of this, Prince MAY or MAY NOT be performing tomorrow night at the BET Awards.  We hope he does join them on stage and whatever happens, it will be a great night for the Purple One.

So we ask you this...will he or won't he?


P.S. Prince is on the cover of Jet magazine this week and this is one of the photos from it.-Dr.FB

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  1. I agree with Deedee. Prince doesn’t need a rehearsal. Just have his guitar ready for the jam… It’s all good. Can’t wait for 2nite!

  2. p.s.: his pose in this pic looks like he wants a hug lol

  3. he will perform tonight thats for sure…unfortunately the only catch is to watch the award show, i can’t stand these “clowns” who will be there tonight with the exception of a few but i’m guessing we won’t see prince towards the last hour of the night, i can’t wait

  4. I was at the rehearsal, he doesn’t need rehearsals!!!!

  5. Man forget about the BET Awards…I want to know where I can get a pair of his silver spaceman shoes/pumps?! Those are slammin! Just kidding they’ll make my feet too big. Back to the real news…oh don’t worry about tonight it’s going to be veeeeeery special

  6. Unpredictable? Yes…lol, but with the female artists of his choice to do the tribute, and the welcome he will receive from the BET audience, I can’t see how he wouldn’t give them a performance.

  7. watch Ezperanza Spaulding. I think P cann’t be tempted more!

  8. i think prince will probably know how his own songs go, so won’t have a problem joining in. he just needs a recording of the rehearsal to pick it up. he probably wants to surprise people by doing it impromptu

  9. maybe Chaka mad?

  10. 🙂 Classic! Can’t wait for the performance…

  11. He’ll be there and rehearsed or not think he will do ‘I feel 4 U’ with Chaka. Gonna enjoy the tributes! Disappointed that Justin Bieber is not making a contribution

  12. Oh- I think we should be positve. Sounds like it be kicking it Tine – have fun.

  13. I was at the rehearsal and it was off the hook! I loved the song selection for each artist. And, even though it was rehearsal, they were BRINGING it! Prince is gonna love the tribute and I believe everyone else will too. I got my ticket, can’t wait 🙂

  14. Haha. I love it 🙂 (agree with the good doc)

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