Lenny Kravitz “Fly’s Away” To Crash Choir

Lenny Kravitz crashed a choir in New Orleans late last week..and it was all recorded.

Here is a background on the story sent to us by Mathieu Bitton;

Lenny, Sidney Torres and I were sitting on the balcony at Muriel's restaurant in Jackson Square, New Orleans when a friend of ours suddenly hear a band playing "Fly Away" across the park. I looked at Lenny and said "dude, let's have you crash their gig and play with them." Sidney ran out ahead of us and I grabbed the camera (never leave the hotel without it) and LK and I ran out to where the VOP choir was playing a few blocks away.

When we arrived, the kids in the choir lost their minds. It went on for about 15 minutes, but as always, I wanted to capture the best of it in this 5:23 minute video. Mike Smeaton who sang and played lead guitar was so cool, I couldn't believe it. Never lost his cool. This was an incredible moment that will remind people why New Orleans is the greatest place for art in America right now. Don't believe what people are saying about why it's dangerous to come here, how the seafood is toxic and how's there's oil everywhere.

The reason we are all down here is to help fix this gulf disaster. Lenny is dedicating his life to this right now. He loves this place and will continue to do what he can to help.

I want to thank Mathieu for sharing this with us.  We are going to have exclusive photos of Lenny helping out in New Orleans and a few other things that Mr. Bitton wanted to share with us. 

For now, enjoy the video and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. F.Y.I. – Mike Smeaton and the Voice of Praise choir are from Lewisville, TX (just north of Dallas) – they were visiting New Orleans on a mission trip – and what a trip it was!

  2. Too cool … those kids are going to always remember that … Lenny that’s what it’s all about. You took 15 mins of your time to jam with some kids who took your song on to the streets of New Orleans for everyone to hear and then you show up the person who wrote the song and sing with them.They couldn’t have asked for a better day in New Orleans and this little act of kindness will be the in there mines forever. You Are The Man…They Need More Lenny Kravitzs in world…Peace Brother…

  3. Too cool … those kids are going to always remember that … Lenny seems like such a great person

  4. JUST AMAZING!!! What an experience!

  5. Thanks Doc, beautiful video :-)

  6. This is precisely why Lenny Kravitz is one of my all-time favorite entertainers. Not only is Lenny awesomely talented, extraordinary, intelligent, & articulate, but he truly loves people & GOD’S creations! Such a compassionate heart & sweet spirit; beautiful from the inside out. Right ladies? Very proud of my brother in Christ. WE LOVE YOU BACK LENNY!!!!

  7. very cool

  8. real KOOL !!!!! :O)

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