Tamar Kaprelian Brings Out The “Sinners & Saints” At L.A. Show

Last week, I was privileged to witness Tamar Kaprelian perform at the Roxy On Sunset. She is quickly becoming one of the doc’s new favorites and is definitely a “funkenberry” artist who can sing live and perform.

Tamar was the first artist to perform and the place was packed and a lot of people were there just to see her.  Seriously, I have never seen a place so packed for what was considered an opening act.  But then again, Kaprelian won’t be an opening act for long.

She did an 8 song set which featured 2 covers; Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “Free Fallin'” and “A Whole New World”, yes the Disney Alladin Love song.  Don’t you dare close your eyes! 

The first clip is “New Day” which has been featured a few times on this site. It is after all the latest single, and I am still feeling it. Honestly, when it comes up on my I-pod when I am driving to a party or whatever in L.A., I have to play it a few times.

“Sinner or Saint” is also going to be the next single and you can check out the groove below. 

We will have more videos of her great performance later this week.  Much Love to Tamar Kaprelian.  It’s a “New Day” and she is sharing it with you.

Kaprelian’s debut CD, “Sinner Or Saint” will be dropping soon. Do yourself a favor; get on her now before anyone else. Also, check out her remaining tour dates in your city on her site.  Not.  To. Be.  Missed.-Dr.FB




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  2. All right! Kaprelian already is getting some hatertude.

    Ripped off or sounds like? Cuz “Tik Tok” n “California Gurls” sound the same but are produced by the same person.

    I wrote a song called “New Day” (check the search box up top) does that mean that T. Kap swindled from me? Doubt it.

    Will check out this Joy Williams tho. I am nothing but fair. 🙂

  3. Blah

    Just another average mallrat who thinks she can become famous. And I heard she ripped off a Joy Williams song for her “hit” single that’s out now.

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  6. justmemuchlove

    This is really nice! I like. Thanks for posting doc
    Tamar..Make room for yourself as you go along and keep what it is you got.
    Good stuff.

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