Eminem Continues To Dominate Charts; Rocks Staple Center With Rihanna

Eminem is still number 1 on the Billboard Charts with his CD "Recovery" moving 195,000 units although it was released weeks ago.

Last night at Rihanna's show at Staple Center, Eminem was a surprise guest, and the fans went crazy as they performed "Love The Way You Lie" and earlier in the day, were shooting the video for it as well.

Check out "Love The Way You Lie" and check out the ovation Em gets at the :15 second mark.-Dr.FB

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  1. right around 1:32 he looks down for his cue and begins…..but the track is not turned up but then it gets turned up a second later……….guess if you are a young dumb Rihanna fan, you would never know he was rapping over his own track (he is good at it though)

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