Prince Associated Artist Drops New Music!

Shelby Johnson

Shelby Johnson

For those that are not in the know, they will be like "Hey, it's the woman with the bald head who sat next to Prince at the BET Awards!" to those in the know, will know her from her performing with Prince on tour and at his memorable Super Bowl performance a few years ago.

Shelby Johnson aka Shelby J. has a new song out entitled "Take It" and it is remixed by Italian producers Menini & Viani.

Shelby J. had this to say about the song; "It's called "Take It" & I'm writing & singing all about living your LIFE to the FULLEST!! Check it out & I hope u like it."

The song is definitely for the dance floor and we even hear a spot where you could mix "Show Me Love" from Robin S. up in there. 

Check out the song HERE at BeatPort.com and let us know what you think!-Dr.FB

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  1. Hi Shelby, Im with your Aunt Shirley, working at Lahey, she says hello and loves you. by the way YOU ROCK

  2. She’s like me, she shaves her head and wears the bald look! Us bald ladies rock! I love her style and her music. She is wonderful!

  3. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while. I’m really digging this but I really really hope she doesn’t fall into the “I wonder what happened to?” realm of female singers out the of the Prince camp.

  4. Wishing Shelby the best, however I’m just not feelin this song.

  5. Shelby is a truly FUNKY singer ^^ she’s got her own unique style, her sweet, strong and wild voice with an emotional touch of soul and she’s groovy, fresh and sexy …she can sing in every styles she wants from Dance with this N°1 hit:) to Spiritual with ease … she’s just amazing ^^

  6. That’s TIGHT!!! Shelby I’m down wit cha’ neighbor from West ave…

  7. Nice song! I prefer Shelby’s vocal part and lyrics. The dj’s should add more variety in the intro part. like Tiesto’s Silence, and then maybe Ms Shelbey’s gonna make a no. 1 hit world wide. Definitely a good direction this song. Gets you shaking that head and dancing your booty. Go Shelbey!

  8. Hot track….powerful voice. But what happen to the duet song with Anthony Hamilton with Prince background vocals?????????????

  9. What can I say about “Shelbyj” She’s representing NC and I love this song! GO on Shelby and “Take it”! You are so deserving.

  10. iPFL – I do not agree with you totally on this. This is a good dance song however it is in the style of old school house music with a techno vibe. The vocals to me remind me of a Donna Summer feel. So I would say it is a old school house meets techno with a Donna Summer vibe. I definitely do not equate this tune to be in any way close to a Patti LaBelle or Chaka Khan vocal or musical style.

  11. I didn’t expect her to throw down some powerful dance music. I swear that woman’s got some POWER. I put her up there with Patti LaBelle and my favorite Soul sista Chaka Khan …

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