PRINCE Has A “Hot Summer” In New York

Prince Performs In Nice 2010

Prince Performs In Nice 2010

Prince Performs In Nice 2010 | Photo by Dazzler3000

The one and only (and one of Funkenberry's favorites) PRINCE was a social butterfly in New York last week. 

He checked Lalah Hathaway and Dwele show at B.B. Kings and then afterwards, went to another club where Robin Thicke was performing and saw the purple one in the crowd and did a little bit of "Kiss" which we heard got Prince moving.  What?  Gotta love it when the men try to sing "Kiss" and try to hit the high note.  Even when it's the biggest baddest brother's in the place, it's funny as anything in heaven, babies!

Then on Thursday night he saw the musical "Fela" and he was not alone!

"Fela" which is based on the music of Fela Kuti, a Nigerian composer attracted the likes of Prince the same night Bruce Springsteen was there!  2 musical icons and we don't know if  the two talked, compared bank accounts, or if they even ran into each other. 

Afterwards, Prince took to the Groove to check out some musical talent. 

Prince has definitely had a "Hot Summer" for sure with the release of his CD 20Ten which is still NOT available in the States unless you want it on Ebay.

We have heard rumors that Prince has several tour options on his lap from the U.S. to more shows overseas and even Timbuktu.  My guess would be that he would go back overseas and make a few stops.  The U.S. fans would love to see Prince but it makes sense to make the other fans happy and go where the money is.  Remember, that's ME saying that, OK?

It's always nice to hear bout the coolest man in music enjoying himself.  It seems the NY paps though could not locate Prince so no photos to share but hope you enjoy this one of him performing earlier this summer in Nice.

If you see Prince in New York or back in his hometown of Minneapolis, tell him the doctor says hi n is already at works of new ventures when it comes to media.  We can "Laydown" too!-Dr.FB

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  1. I like to read stories like this … good to hear that Prince is out and about … I wish we had pictures :o(

  2. Yup, I took it!

    Thx for the credit on the pic :-)

  3. SMH Not a clue…

  4. And what the heck happened to the Model C – that Hohner is just over played now, boorrrringgg….

  5. Prince needs to take himself over to Asia. When has he performed say in Singapore or South Korea… I mean, dude, give some to Asia.

    What about South America and Central America? You think… wait, U think you don’t have fans/fams down there? What about Russia? Saudi Arabia? Africa?

    Don’t come to the USA, just will be the same old tired ONA type show you’ve been putting on for YEARS, yawn, but to other audiences around the world, it will be fresh and exciting and all so new!

  6. oh, it’s just Prince……

  7. thx for info doc….already checking flights 2 Timbuktu ROFLOL!!! nah will wait untill he comes over here again ;0)) EUROPE LOVES U PRINCE…. COME BACK SOOON

  8. Did you take that pic Dazzler? It’s great! Just added your credit to the caption.

  9. All false must come to a sudden end. Prince, do u c y it is vital that u separate urself from every part of B(abylon) the gREAt ?
    Jehovah God wants u 2 ‘get out of her’ quickly while there is still time.

  10. He wasn’t alone but he wasn’t with Bria that’s for sure. ;)

  11. WAIT!! I was at Fela last Thursday night. Didn’t see Prince or Bruce!!! omgosh


  13. Hmmm… That picture from Nice looks familiar :-/

  14. 20TEN 4ever………

  15. There U go teasing us but not really confirming anything….But some news is good news. Glad Prince is out on the town enjoying himself……..

  16. So Prince is or was here in my neck of the woods I see. That’s cool stuff and I’m glad he’s having a great time here. All I need from him is to release 20TEN here in the states so I can support the brotha, then all will be gravy for me. Aside from that, it’s good to hear good Prince news, so thank you for the info Doc!

  17. NYC…here I come….thx Doc!!!

  18. HA! Wish I coulca been there too! Im am waiting on some US luv from Prince!!!! Ch’mon already man! I gots money too! Theres some of us THIS SIDE THE POND that still got a few funds left! HEY DOC! STAY CRUNCHY! in ur soy milk cuz cows are for calves…. ;)

  19. Aaaww So Sweet (and the x2)

  20. Thanks Doc … Good to see our man back in the states … :0)

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