Video: Sarah Palin Comes Out To Support Bristol Palin On Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin did not impress on her performance of "You Can't Hurry Love" with her dancing partner Mark Ballas.

Sarah Palin made an appearance as well during the recorded segments and right after Jennifer Grey where booing was heard but the shows producers said the booing was at Jennifer Grey's score.  Hmm.

Well, the judges gave Bristol high marks so to save her, unlike they did to David Hasselhoff last week and they lost someone they thought would be there for a while.

Check out Bristol's performance above.-Dr.FB

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  1. As long as Bristol Palin stays out of politics she’ll be alright.
    She’s not the best of the amateurs dancers but it’s not really a talent show.. is it.?

    But her mom, Sarah Palin, she is such a FAKE…

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