New Lady Gaga!!!! Listen Now!!!

OK, I HIGHLY doubt this will be on Lady Gaga's upcoming CD "Born This Way" but still, it's new and it's out there! 

"Nothing On (But The Radio)" has leaked and has the Gagalicious one in auto-tune like she was on Telephone.  If this does get released, we imagine more production. 

What do you think of "Nothing On (But The Radio)" by Lady Gaga?-Dr.FB

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  1. It could use some guitar by Prince. She should hire him. I bet he is cheap. :-) Hot song.

  2. Hmm. Does there appear to be anyone around?

  3. I’ve listened to the song 4x to get a real feel for it. For some reason the song keeps reminding me of the 80’s song “I think were alone now” by Tiffany. Does anyone else hear that or am I going bonkers?!

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