Lady Gaga Cancels Rest Of Tour; Tears Right Hip

Lady Gaga Born This Way Tour Poster Lady Gaga Born This Way Tour Poster

Lady Gaga Has cancelled the rest of her Born This Way Ball Tour as the singer has a labral tear of her right hip.

Here is the official announcement:

Live Nation Global Touring has confirmed that the remainder of the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball performances have been cancelled.
After additional tests this morning to review the severity of the issue, it has been determined that Lady Gaga has a labral tear of the right hip. She will need surgery to repair the problem, followed by strict down time to recover. This unfortunately, will force her to cancel the tour, so she can heal.

Refunds for the cancelled performances will be available at point of purchase starting Feb 14, 2013.

Keep in mind, she was touring with this injury for the past month. Wow. Feel better Gaga.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Red One....painkillers....


Madonna Versus Lady Gaga! The Story So Far

Lady Gaga & Madonna  Photo:  GettyImages.com
Lady Gaga & Madonna Photo: GettyImages.com

Lady Gaga & Madonna Photo: GettyImages.com

It wasn't so long ago that Madonna and Lady Gaga appeared on Saturday Night Live together. No rivalry.  Only in play.  Then when Gaga recorded "Born This Way" several people including Madonna thought it sounded like "Express Yourself" a track Miss M released back in the 80's.

Madonna has called Gaga "Redundant" and in her show, performs "Born This Way" with "Express Yourself" meshed together.  Gaga hasn't exactly struck back but has commented on the ordeal.

While Madonna was pulling her boob out, Gaga was getting hit by a pole...a metal pole...on stage.

I do believe Madonna is picking this fight with Gaga.  She has her reasons.  A lot of what Gaga has done, Madonna has done already.  It also keeps her relevant. She is relevant already but....look.....this is the 2nd article on Madonna this week...and it most likely won't be the last.  So...it is working.  It also helps Lady Gaga as well.

In the end though, who do you think will win?-DocFB


Lady Gaga Announces First “Born This Way Ball” 2012-2013 Tour Dates!

Lady Gaga Born This Way Tour Poster
Lady Gaga Born This Way Tour Poster

Lady Gaga Born This Way Tour Poster

Lady Gaga just announced the first few dates of her "Born This Way ball" tour dates for 2012-2013. In previous days, she released what the stage would look like and the tour poster.

There will be 110 dates in total.  For the tour dates, click the continue reading button below.


Lady Gaga Reveals Cover For New Single “Marry The Night”

Lady Gaga Marry The Night Cover
Lady Gaga Marry The Night Cover

Lady Gaga Marry The Night Cover

Lady Gaga revealed the artwork for "Marry The Night" her latest single.  Lady Extravaganza also filmed a video for the song in Hollywood, California and Staten Island, New York last week.

The video will be released in early November.

Lady Gaga tweeted the cover saying: “This is my favorite song on the album. Are you ready, Fernando Garibay? This one is our baby,”

We have no idea why she is talking about Fernando when she is obviously talking about us.  We kid.  We kid.

Regardless, we are looking forward to the video.  It is nice to see some artists still making videos an event and are looking forward to the next single off of "Born This Way" and selling a few more million copies.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Marry The Night, Cheat On Her With The Twilight


Lakoda Rayne Performs “Born This Way” By Lady Gaga On X Factor

Lakoda Rayne didn't start off as a group but are now one as they performed "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga.

The odds are against them more than anyone. Having Paula Abdul and Pharrell as the judges was to their advantage. The song choice of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga, and the country version of the song, I am not sure if it was the best they could do.

It didn't blow me away BUT I will say their vocals were on point. They were not in perfect harmony but for a group that only had been performing for not that long, it may be good enough to advance to the next round.

What did you think of Lakoda Rayne's performance?-DocFB

Diagnosis: On The Right Track, Baby


Lady Gaga Dominates iHeartRadio Concert With Sting!

Lady Gaga took it to a whole new level with her iHeartRadip performances over the weekend.

She performed "Sheiße & Judas" above along with other favorites below.


Lady Gaga Wins MTV “Best Video With A Message” Award

Lady Gaga. Photo: GettyImages.com
Lady Gaga. Photo: GettyImages.com

Lady Gaga. Photo: GettyImages.com

Lady Gaga has won 1 moon man tonight as she won "Best Video With A Message" for "Born This Way" off of her CD with the same name.

I am not even sure who else she was nominated against because as soon as I saw this award, I knew Gaga was going to win.

The photo above is from an MTV pre-party from last night.  Lady Extravaganza is still nominated for 3 more awards tonight.  1 more will most likely be given away before the award show airs.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Awards So Far Going This Way For Gaga



Lady Gaga Performs “Born This Way” On French TV


Lady Gaga performed "Born This Way" on the French TV show Taratata.  A much better performance than it was at the Much Music Awards.  Love it. 

BTW, is that really the length of her hair now?  Very short.

Check out the performance of "Born This Way" and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  I Wasn't Born This Way....A Doctor That Is


Video: Weird Al Goes After Lady Gaga In “Perform This Way”


OK, when I first heard Weird Al Yankovich was going to cover "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga, I thought he was going to go in a different direction and call it "I Watch Porn This Way" and I was wrong.  Happily.

In "Perform This Way" he goes after Lady Extravaganza's originality claim but also makes a CLASSIC Weird Al video.  It was worth the battle with Gaga's people to make it happen.

I love that he uses his body on someone else's body.  It would have been better when nude if the bar down below, would also be blacked out, as to assume that Gaga has....male parts.  Would have been funny.

What do you think of the video?  To leave comments, for email, you can just put 123@aol.com and it will accept it.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Al Should Do More Gaga Parodies!