Lenny Kravitz Joins Prince On Stage In Rome, Italy (but doesn’t play)

Lenny Kravitz & Prince.
Lenny Kravitz & Prince.

Lenny Kravitz & Prince.

UPDATE (5:43pm PT): So Lenny was ON stage with Prince, but there was no joint performance. Sorry guys.

UPDATE (2:45pm PT): Lenny is on stage with Prince right now...

So, we are hearing that Lenny Kravitz is at Prince's show in Rome, Italy RIGHT NOW and may join him for a bit to jam. 

It's rumor only but if it happens, we will keep you posted.  Man, that would be one killer jam if it goes down. Is Rock n' Roll alive or dead? Stay tuned to find out. -Dr.FB

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  1. It is worth writing more about this – let me know if I can give any input?

  2. I was on the stage tooo My dream come through singing kiss whit HIM
    if someone find the video please let me know

  3. sO wHerE wIlL b ThE aFtEr ShOw 2NItE iN mIlAnO.
    oN mY wAy.
    TKS doc.

  4. Yo Doc … According to a member on MoQuake.com who went to the show said Lenny did not perform but was ‘at’ the show …

  5. No show….

    Maybe an aftershow?

    Funkenberry what do you know?

    Please share!

  6. 2 kewl :) Prince, Lenny Kravitz…two of my fav guitar legends…I learn from them all the time :)

  7. No, IT = Italy as in Rome, Italy ;)

  8. “Prince and Lenny Kravitz performing […] IT right now” (Dr Fb on twitter)
    Really? “It” from the SOTT album?

  9. Now playing together in Rome

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