Does Kanye West Care About White People?

Title grab your attention?  Good.  It's interesting that Kanye West was back in the headlines for a comment he made years ago about George Bush.

Kanye's reaction after they played Bush's face of him saying he did not appreciate it when Kanye said "George Bush does not care about white people" and Kanye did not like that it was played back for him.

He tweeted saying it was not cool of Lauer to do and Lauer caught it.  Also, they played the Taylor Swift MTV moment and he got mad it was shown while he was talking.  

Kanye claimed during the interview that he is intelligent and stuff of that nature, but has he never seen a Today show interview?   They do that all the time.  Silly.

So, back to the title.  Yes, I think he cares about white people.  I just think he is angry...at a lot of people.  What the media picks up on may make him look that way however. 

What did you think of the "Today" interview and Kanye's reaction?-Dr.FB

P.S. We heard his media person quit after the Today Show interview.

P.S.S.  His new CD is slamming.

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  1. “Tayler Swift should be thanking Kanye no one cared about her before he came on stage. Now she the number one selling artist.”

    By the way it’s Taylor…not Tayler.

    Did you some how forget she was receiving a REWARD when he decided to come on stage?? Which means there are TONS of people across the GLOBE that already cared who she is before he even got out of his seat that night at the awards.

    Back to the point… He’s music is good, but as far as a person…he needs some major work.

  2. SWEEPS people!!!!!!
    Matt knew what what buttons to push and NBC knew which guest to book.

  3. Kanye is always very misunderstood. The media takes advantage of it just for news stories. VMa’s that year got some excitement from a rather boring show.

    Tayler Swift should be thanking Kanye no one cared about her before he came on stage. Now she the number one selling artist. What the media does is try to push his buttons.

    I’m glad Kanye gave The Today show the finger and didn’t perform on there… He should not do anymore interviews and concentrate on his music…

  4. I cant believe they wated all that tape on him. Stick to the music K. You need all the help u can get.

  5. Yeah, ^ That!

  6. Kanye looked like a fool as usual. Period.

  7. can’t wait for the cd…………..Matt Lauer is just another media douchebag……….a highly paid one

  8. I honestly do not know what to think of him,really.
    Loves the music though

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