Chris Brown Talks Rihanna On Today Show; Apologizes Again

Chris Brown & Rihanna Photo:  GettyImages.com

Although his new album is called "X" he is promoting it like it is the "Apologies" album. This time, stopping by the Today show with Matt Lauer to talk about what he did to Rihanna and how sorry he is.

He also talked about wanting the new album to be like a Quincy Jones production and talking about being older and more mature when it comes to the songs that will appear on the album.

When talking about Rihanna, he knows what he did is "Totally wrong" and has apologized to Rihanna and he is a man.

He laughed stuff off when it came to fights with Frank Ocean and what he was posting on Instagram, when it really wasn't a laughing matter.

When it comes to if he is with Rihanna he said "Everything is fine" and they are together.

"Rihanna knows my heart and I know her heart." He also assured what he did to Rihanna will never happen again. All right then.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  This is not us talking about it.  It is himself talking about it and us not ignoring it....


Carmen Electra Returns To Music With “I Like It Loud”; Talks Simon Cowell

It has been over 20 years since Carmen Electra was discovered by Prince for her musical talents. Yes, music. Some may not know that of the former MTV game show co-host, Baywatch babe, Pussycat Doll, and a former Playboy model, but that is brought us to light of Carmen being on top.

Carmen Electra took to the Today show earlier this week to talk about her return to music, being 40, how her former mentor discovered her, and what people should make of her friendship with Simon Cowell.

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She also talked about exactly what she liked loud, for those that aren't paying attention to the lyrics. Carmen did say she will have a full-length album out next year.

Carmen also appeared on VH1's Morning buzz to perform "I Like It Loud" live and talk about her and Simon Cowell's friendship. She also shows off her 40 year old buns that still look the same as they did 20 years ago.

"I Like It Loud" reminds me of something Kesha would sing....with more auto-tune. Interesting that the men are still hottering and hollering for Carmen Electra just like they were in 1992.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Get On Up Now....


Videos: NBOTBSB Aka New Kids On The Block & The Backstreet Boys Take Over Today Show

NKOTBSB (sic) performed on the Today Show Friday morning.  The New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys teamed up to do thier greatest hits and a new mash-up song which has been out for a few months "Don't Turn Out The Lights" and.....I enjoyed when they did their hits.  Just too many boys with mics in their hands.

BTW, congrats to Joey Mac who's wife gave birth to another kid earlier this week. 

Check out the performance above as NKOTBSB (sigh) make thier way to you soon.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Right Stuff.....Right?


Does Kanye West Care About White People?

Title grab your attention?  Good.  It's interesting that Kanye West was back in the headlines for a comment he made years ago about George Bush.

Kanye's reaction after they played Bush's face of him saying he did not appreciate it when Kanye said "George Bush does not care about white people" and Kanye did not like that it was played back for him.

He tweeted saying it was not cool of Lauer to do and Lauer caught it.  Also, they played the Taylor Swift MTV moment and he got mad it was shown while he was talking.  

Kanye claimed during the interview that he is intelligent and stuff of that nature, but has he never seen a Today show interview?   They do that all the time.  Silly.

So, back to the title.  Yes, I think he cares about white people.  I just think he is angry...at a lot of people.  What the media picks up on may make him look that way however. 

What did you think of the "Today" interview and Kanye's reaction?-Dr.FB

P.S. We heard his media person quit after the Today Show interview.

P.S.S.  His new CD is slamming.


OneRepublic Perform “Secrets” On The Today Show

OneRepublic stopped by the Today Show recently and performed "Secrets" which is the latest single by the hot band and is also the theme song to the new ABC Family TV show "Pretty Little Liars" which debuted to record audiences earlier this week.

Hope you enjoy OneRepublic's performance and don't forget they are touring with Green Day this summer.  That's one scorching ticket right there.-Dr.FB


Sade Performs “Soldier of Love” On The Today Show

Sade has a busy schedule today to promote the release of her new album, Soldier of Love.

She started off the morning with a performance on the Today Show. Then she's off to BET to perform on 106 & Park. Finally, she'll perform on tonight's Late Show with David Letterman.

Hopefully we'll get some interview time too. Speaking of interviews, Sade sat down with the New York Times recently (good stuff!).

Set your DVR's! Sade will also be appearing on more shows this month. - Dr.FB

2/10 - The View
2/15 - The Ellen DeGeneres Show
2/16 - Jimmy Kimmel Live
2/20 - The Wanda Sykes Show


Bryant Gumbel Battles Lung Cancer

Bryant Gumbel | Getty Images
Bryant Gumbel | Getty Images

Bryant Gumbel | Getty Images

Bryant Gumbel, the "Real Sports" host and former "Today" show anchor guest hosted "Live! With Regis & Kelly" this morning. While he was on, he announced that he was recently treated for lung cancer.

While stating that he would not be able to dance with a guest on an upcoming show, Gumbel explained why: "Two months ago, I had cancer surgery," he explained. "They opened up my chest. They took a malignant tumor and they took a part of my lung and some other goodies."

The prognosis for 61-year old Gumbel is good as he told the audience, "The pathology on most of the stuff came up benign but enough of the aggressive cells had escaped the tumor that it warranted some treatment," he continued. "I went through that and it's done now."

Glad things are on the mend for you, Bryant. - Dr.FB