Tony Bennett Says Bush Told Him Iraq War Was A Mistake; Talks 9/11

Tony Bennett was on Howard Stern and says that when Bush was President, he told him the war with Iraq was a mistake.

He also talks about 9/11 and how we caused it because we were bombing them. Howard first thought he was thinking that he was a conspiracy theorist.

Tony Bennett has always came off as being of sound mind so I do not think he made up the George W. Bush comments.  His comments on 9/11 however....

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Tony Tony Tony.....


Does Kanye West Care About White People?

Title grab your attention?  Good.  It's interesting that Kanye West was back in the headlines for a comment he made years ago about George Bush.

Kanye's reaction after they played Bush's face of him saying he did not appreciate it when Kanye said "George Bush does not care about white people" and Kanye did not like that it was played back for him.

He tweeted saying it was not cool of Lauer to do and Lauer caught it.  Also, they played the Taylor Swift MTV moment and he got mad it was shown while he was talking.  

Kanye claimed during the interview that he is intelligent and stuff of that nature, but has he never seen a Today show interview?   They do that all the time.  Silly.

So, back to the title.  Yes, I think he cares about white people.  I just think he is angry...at a lot of people.  What the media picks up on may make him look that way however. 

What did you think of the "Today" interview and Kanye's reaction?-Dr.FB

P.S. We heard his media person quit after the Today Show interview.

P.S.S.  His new CD is slamming.


George Bush Miss Me Yet Billboard (Video)~

Oh boy. This billboard showed up on Interstate 35 near Wyoming, Minnesota.
It has a photo of the former President George W. Bush that says "Miss Me Yet" on it. 
There is only one question I can ask; Do you miss him?-Dr.FB

Does Kanye West Just Want Attention?

Kanye West File Photo
Kanye West File Photo

Kanye West File Photo

With what happened on Sunday, it brings a question to mind; Does Kayne West know the difference between good attention and bad attention or does he just know attention and is an attention whore?

No one in their right mind would want the attention Kanye is getting, except for someone who wants attention, no matter if it is good or bad. I mean the President of the United States of America called him a jack ass. Jay Leno cracked that George W. Bush said that "Kanye doesn't care about white people" and the audience laughed.

3 days later, the incident is still being talked about by me and others.  Patrick Swayze passed away but all everyone seems focused on is Kanye.  For everyone, they would hate attention like this, but does Kanye.  He has NEVER been talked about this much. Kanye has done this crap before, but for himself. Whining when he does not win something. Boasting we don't know just how brilliant he is.

His desire for attention is almost as big as ego to let everyone know he is the greatest of all time no matter what he does.  So if he did this all for attention, even if he is sincere for hurting Taylor Swift in the process, maybe Kanye is brilliant. People who think this is going to kill Kanye's career, it's not going to happen. Kanye has talent, but his ego needs to land back on earth.

I put the question to you now.

Did he do it all for attention? Does Kanye know the difference between good attention and bad attention? Is this really going to stop you from listening to his music? Let me know.-Dr.FB


George Bush’s Daughter Gets Job At “Today” Show

George W. Bush & Daughter Jenna Hager. Photo: NYPost.com
George W. Bush & Daughter Jenna Hager. Photo: NYPost.com

George W. Bush & Daughter Jenna Hager. Photo: NYPost.com

Jenny Hager, formerly Jenna Bush has been hired as a reporter for the "Today" Show. Jenna is George W. Bush's daughter.

She will be featured once a month doing educational stories. Damn. I thought it was gonna be at the best places to party. Oh well.

She said it was not ger dream job but she is being open-minded. I am open-minded too. Her hosting "Wild On" with E!  would have totally been better!


Video: “Blame It On The Economy”

A Parody of Jamie Foxx's "Blame It On The Alcohol." It's pretty good and timely. What do you think?-Dr.FB


Obama Wins!

Barack Obama is the new President Of The United States.

John McCain has called Obama to concede.

Bush called Obama to congratulate him.