George W. Bush

Tony Bennett Says Bush Told Him Iraq War Was A Mistake; Talks 9/11

Tony Bennett was on Howard Stern and says that when Bush was President, he told him the war with Iraq was a mistake. He also talks about 9/11 and how we caused it because we were bombing them. Howard first thought he was thinking that he was a conspiracy theorist. Tony Bennett has always came […]

Does Kanye West Care About White People?

Title grab your attention?  Good.  It’s interesting that Kanye West was back in the headlines for a comment he made years ago about George Bush. Kanye’s reaction after they played Bush’s face of him saying he did not appreciate it when Kanye said “George Bush does not care about white people” and Kanye did not […]

George Bush Miss Me Yet Billboard (Video)~

Oh boy. This billboard showed up on Interstate 35 near Wyoming, Minnesota. It has a photo of the former President George W. Bush that says “Miss Me Yet” on it.  There is only one question I can ask; Do you miss him?-Dr.FB

Does Kanye West Just Want Attention?

With what happened on Sunday, it brings a question to mind; Does Kayne West know the difference between good attention and bad attention or does he just know attention and is an attention whore? No one in their right mind would want the attention Kanye is getting, except for someone who wants attention, no matter […]

George Bush’s Daughter Gets Job At “Today” Show

Jenny Hager, formerly Jenna Bush has been hired as a reporter for the “Today” Show. Jenna is George W. Bush’s daughter. She will be featured once a month doing educational stories. Damn. I thought it was gonna be at the best places to party. Oh well. She said it was not ger dream job but […]