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  1. saw this 1st on TMZ. it was hilarious! heard she got bak up there at the end and danced then. glad 2 c even other celebs can get starstruke like us! :-)

  2. Number 7……..This was a top story on a lot of blogs and news stations 2day. Prince knows how 2 get publicity 4 his W2A tour and Kim the publicity freak is the way to go to do it…”Its nothing better that to do it”………Prince has so much swagg on stage.

  3. I can’t watch them…Is it only in my country they aren’t avalaible???

  4. Thanks NPG Records!! Too bad nobody really buys stuff from NPG Records anymore.

  5. Come on! Can’t even dance when Prince invites her to!!! what?? not cool enuf?

  6. Na that was funnay….!!!!
    Thank u doc and who ever gave this clip.

  7. That was hilarious!!!!!!

  8. Great clip………but as a sexy and funky married woman I am alittle put off Prince :) The married girl could probably dance!!!!

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