Angelique Sabrina Shows You How To Do The “Pull Up”

Angelique Sabrina, the singer of "Pull Up" and who MTV has called "The next Rihanna" has released how to do the pull up dance. Now, all you need is Kate Upton to do it and then everyone will be doing it.

The song gets its name from the unique dance that the Bahamas native created for the video, and now fans can learn the moves from Angelique herself in a new instructional clip. The music video for "Pull Up" was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Skee TV (The Game, T. Pain) and Fernando Cordero of Industrial Films (Mr. Big).

At only 14 years old, Angelique has already played in front of crowds as big as 20,000, and garnered attention from the likes of Grammy-award winner Rockwilder, whose credits include Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, and Destiny's Child. "Angelique Sabrina records quickly and on-point like someone who has been doing this for a very long time," says the veteran producer. "She's the one. She's going to be huge."

Here is the instructional video below. Be careful...its long!!!  You also may be repeating "open your legs"...a lot!-DocFB


Donna Summer Passes Away From Cancer At Age Of 63

Donna Summer File Photo
Donna Summer File Photo

Donna Summer File Photo

Donna Summer has passed away at the age of 63 this morning from lung cancer.

The music superstar kept her illness a secret. She passed away this morning at her home in Florida. TMZ broke the story of her death.

She was the voice of disco. She was the voice of dance influencing many in the early 80's.  For one moment in time, she was the voice for women.  Her song "Last Dance" is still almost the last song you hear while leaving the club.

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go to Summer's family and friends at this time.-DocFB


Video: Britney Spears Checks Out Her Tour Stage

Check out Britney Spears reaction to checking out her Femme Fatale tour stage for the first time.

First thing I notice is that is a big stage she is going to have to move around n she hasn't been moving around a lot. The tour is selling out across the U.S. and she has even added tour dates in Europe.

Hope her reaction will re-energize her to take it to the next level, with those knees and all.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Massive Stage. Huge.


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Remembering Patrick Swayze

Patrick & A Young Angela. Photo Provided By Angela
Patrick & A Young Angela. Photo Provided By Angela

Patrick & A Young Angela. Photo Provided By Angela

This was posted by a Drfunkenberry.com reader and I wanted to share it with everyone. Added are photo's by the person who posted it. I hope you enjoy......

My condolences to the family,loved ones & fans of Patrick.  Well it seems I won’t be getting that letter delivered.

I had hoped to let Patrick know before he passed what an impact he made so many years ago on a young girl in Illinois.  A dance and a few encouraging words changed my focus on dancing in another direction.Because of him I took ballet and I believe having that training has helped me in many other areas of life…not only dance.

I have him to thank for that.  Then he was just getting started in the acting field.  But to me he was a dancer with the Joffrey Ballet and I was impressed!

Many years later I had a chance to meet him again…It was a last minute hurried thing so I did not get to say all that I would have liked to.  But I finally had a picture made with him.

He was a very kind,down to earth,strong man and I just wanted to let him know what a positive influence he made on me and my life.

Thank-you for being a light in my life.

Rest In Peace Patrick.-Angela P.

(Thank you Angela for sharing with us. I appreciate it.-Dr.FB)

Patrick & Angela. Photo Provided By Angela.

Patrick & Angela. Photo Provided By Angela.